Construction Management Software

Top 5 Construction Management Software of 2017

Construction management software is designed to streamline the workflow of the construction professionals. Some may simply include document management attributes to do away with paper work and filing. While others provide, both document and project management, all in a single robust software. Check out the top 5 software of the year.

  1. UDAConstruction Suite

UDA ConstructionSuite located in Alabama is an integrated solutionfor powerful project management, scheduling, estimating, contracts,proposals and documents. Interactive workflows built with the software keep the project team on track. Also it keeps project data organized and easily accessible. Comprehensive two-way QuickBooks integration tools is there to  provide a complete financial picture of projects right from start to completion, and automate the process of AIA billing.

  1. Geniebelt

GenieBelt, a UK based brand is a simple project management software for construction professionals with advanced live program management, instant reporting,project overviews and a full audit trail. Regain control of work and save time. With the software, access documents with phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Free and paid plans! WithGenieBeltshare information, work real-time and access project information from your desktop or mobile phone. By sharing live project information, teams get things done faster at building site or at the office. Collaborate in smarter and more effective ways to get your construction projects completed quicker. A full audit trail can be done and reviewed real time.

  1. Procore

A construction management software that helps boost project efficiency and accountability. It streamlines the workflow communication and adds mobility to your project information. Procore Construction OS connects applications, people and devices through a unified platform.Construction firms can easily manage risk and develop quality projects, on time, and within budget. Procore has products for Construction Project Management, Construction Financials, as well as Quality & Safety. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, the brand has offices around the globe.Procore has more than 2 million users roughly.  

  1. Aconex

It is a cloud platform to manage construction process and information. Aconex, an Australia based business provides project visibility and control throughout theentire project lifecycle right from planning and construction to operations. With over $1 trillion of project value has been already delivered in 70 countries. Simple and user friendly all your project information is at your fingertips. One of the most widely used online collaborative platform that is secure for construction professionals. The brand offers unlimited number of users to participate in your project, get unlimited data and also unlimited support. BIM to RFIs all can be managed with the software.


This is construction project management software tailored for AEC professionals. Headquartered in California, USA this is a cloud based platform. You can manage, share, add mark up and access construction project documents across all your favorite devices. Right from inception to completion of a project and even at the time of retention documents can be easily managed with SKYSITE. Accessing punch list, tracking RFIs to managing submittals all can be done with this well integrated software. The software helps to complete a project on time and within the stipulated budget .Get instant and real time updates of project information even from a remote jobsite. Work even on the go with SKYSITE mobile app. With improved communication, collaboration better with the vendors. Comes with free and paid versions.

Are you using construction management software or still stuck in the paper trail? It’s time for change, time to #MaketheSwitch.