CRM Development


A customer is the priority of any business group. Its main motive is to satisfy its customer in the best way possible. If there is any way to manage customer relations better, then it is through the use of the following software that makes customer interaction, management of automation of marketing, sales and customer support all the way more powerful and flawless.

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So here’s a list of the top CRM software that can boost your business’ strength:




  • Fully mobile optimised, the software has efficient sales management which helps you to choose the right activities and the best deals at hand to focus on.
  • It presents top-notch reporting and statistics which helps in the clear-cut understanding of the metrics. It gives the status of wins, losses, customer deals, related activities and any newness if found profitable.
  • It has a well-organised collection of information obtained through customisable web forms and extends customisation for the handling of sales stages and sharing of information.




  • For small business owners with low resources have found it the best because of its easy-to-use interface and one of the only tools that offer an initial free trial for 7 days.
  • Unlike much other software, it has all tools wrapped up in one platform and also provide its customer tactics about online marketing.



  • It provides excellent pipeline, sales stage and probability analysis with automation of vital sales operations, creates customisable forecast reports and dashboards.
  • It utilises the popularity of social networking sites as maximum clients are coming from Twitter or Facebook pages, and thus follows their behaviour and categorises them into leads and contacts so that proper advertisement for the business can be done.





  • It has a database of your customers, keeps a record of what was sent to your customers, customer satisfaction surveys, NPS, CSAT etc.
  • It is estimated to have 80% better scalability than any other vendors outside the leader category.



  • Easily manages all the contacts, communication details, and the dashboard having your database which can contain both business and personal information. You can also run multiple businesses from one database.
  • It makes the online activities more efficient through features like email tracking, customisation of emails. It also has the Nimble Chrome Smart Widget which makes the CRM standout from the crowd.




  • It has an efficient workflow in mobile apps with power BI integration which improves the reporting capability. Easy to navigate to different options, adjustable according to the needs
  • It keeps track of the business marketing tools, stores contacts, calculation of commission due is simplified, offers a trial period too.




  • It has a user-friendly dashboard where users can find all the upcoming activities, meeting, tasks and keeps the contacts history. Also, it can import contacts from your Google account with automatic syncing.
  • It helps to set a price according to your own criteria and the market in which it is to be sold. It associates all opportunities together as it assigns people, products, sources and the competitors to each of the lead thus tracking them all simultaneously.




  • It helps in the creation of deals to manage the prospects and their project requirement. It has the capability of an easy organisation of the available resources and manpower and accordingly assigning tasks in order to get the best outcome with greater efficiency in less time.
  • It is optimised for both Android and iOS devices. It also provides a platform for both sales engagement and CRM in a single application.



  • It helps in building a firm communication platform whereby the sales agents can keep their communication organised and start form where they left whenever required. It makes sure that no messages from the customers or prospects are missed with the aid of native Mobile applications.
  • It gives an insight into which channel is generating more revenue and thus helps in forming an effective market strategy. It also has the feature of intra-team messaging thus ensuring smooth workflow.


10. eKomi






  • It is helping companies to collect reviews from customers regarding the products/services that are being sold and then published online for greater publicity.
  • It is effectively working on providing versatile and robust commerce solution to meet the varying business needs and requirements of the clients.

Thus, evidently, it can be seen that this software can in a brilliant way act as a platform for communication between the customer and the businessman giving way to a better marketing future altogether.

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