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How to Solve the Growing IT Storage Challenges?

Big IT corporations are faced with huge challenges related to the storing, distribution and managing of data. Great storage space is required to run applications, deliver content to users, host high traffic websites or to back up documents. There is a growing need for more storage space every day.

As the decision maker in your organization, you can build and maintain your very own storage repository. However, there are huge challenges which you will face in not using cloud backup services.

IT Storage Challenges

  • Organizations will need a lot of finances to buy storage systems; it is a capital intensive proposition.
  • Different storage options will be needed to be integrated together because of the growing complexities for different kind of storages.
  • Experts will need to be hired to manage backup and replication.
  • Organizations will become slow in the work done because of the increased amount of planning and negotiations.

StoneFly, Veeam and Microsoft Azure: Cloud Backup Solutions with Power

StoneFly and Veeam have partnered together to provide Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure Storage to provide the customers with the exact backup solutions they need.

Organizations can be assured that their data will always be protected from all threats in the SSL tunnels. Furthermore, there is end-to-end encryption for customers to make sure there is ease of disaster recovery in the cloud.

StoneFly Scale-out NAS storage provides customers with the ability of choosing either performance or capacity. Organizations can have storage that scales out according to their needs. More instances of storage can be added without the full consumption of the previous ones to get greater performance.

Veeam Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure further ensures that organizations always have speedy and reliable storage with the use of snapshots. The entire picture of the production environment is taken time by time to ensure that there is spontaneous disaster recovery in the cloud by recreating the entire environment.

Integration between all three uses remote replication to ensure greater levels of reliability. Organizations can be sure that their data is backed at geo-redundant areas while using Microsoft Azure Storage.


The integration between these three big names has ensured that the user always has readily available cloud backup services. Organizations are provided with appropriate backup and replication solutions with the features of enterprise storage provided as a service under one roof. Cloud provides an excellent, flexible and secure option in the event of a natural disaster.