How off-site Backup Solution challenges are met with StoneFly and Veeam

For Cloud, Computing StoneFly provides the storage solutions to their Customers. We will see in this article how StoneFly is going to use Veeam Cloud connect back up and what are the cost factors, what technologies are involved.

StoneFly has on premises host servers, and these host servers use Veeam Cloud connect. Veeam Cloud connect will connect to the cloud, which is a cloud gateway, and that cloud gateway is connected to the storage which is as a repository. This repository is called as a storage controller. It can be a very mobile storage controller means it can exist in Client’s premises in the customer’s own data center or on a shared cloud or Amazon Cloud. It depends on the customer’s choice where they want to place this repository. There will be no difference in customer’s premises repository or on shared Cloud. A client will get the same interface and the same capability which is connected to that particular infrastructure like being in your on-premises being in their data center or being in commercial Azure or AWS. Stonefly offers it in all different places.

StoneFly uses SSL, TLS connections. It creates a VPN from on-premises to wherever the customers are, and then we also provide aes-256 encryption and customers can have the ability to backup and then archive at the same time they have another capability to be able to spin up their virtual machine in case they want to do it in the cloud.

Challenges for StoneFly and Veeam Cloud Connect

There are few of the challenges that every enterprise has to face for their clients. One of the significant challenges is downtime. StoneFly along with Veeam Cloud Connect and Microsoft Azure is trying to reduce the downtime as much as possible; For StoneFly customers, we want to reduce the cost to minimal.

StoneFly primarily target is to bring the cost as much as half the price of on-premises and offer the broadest compliance portfolio for the customers to fulfill their requirements. Moreover, StoneFly target is to bring recovery point objective and recovery time objective to the requirement that the client’s business has or have full control over that. Scale elasticity is another challenge because Customers might want to grow or might want to shrink so to go either way it is again our objective and challenges here.

StoneFly another goal is to reduce the Capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenses (Opex) and also we are trying to make the Opex manageable.  If the customers require the services, StoneFly makes them available to them and then shut them down when they are not needed for the customers

Presence of Data Centers

Most of StoneFly Clients are of enterprise level so everything that we have built with the Microsoft Azure and Veeam Cloud Connect is going to have enterprise capability and we will offer all the data services to ensure those enterprise requirements. Commercially StoneFly presence is almost worldwide because of its partnership with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Veeam Cloud Connect Partnership with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Cloud

With Veeam Cloud Connect it is very easy to get backups off-site to Microsoft Azure cloud and Amazon AWS Cloud. Microsoft Azure Customers can provision cloud backup repositories and can move on-premises Veeam Backup to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS cloud. Thus by working in collaboration with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure with Veeam provides their clients with cost-effective storage and file recovery capabilities. StoneFly as a partner with Veeam Cloud connect is the ultimate solution for the clients to do the Cloud backup.