What is game-based learning and how is your school implementing gaming into the classroom

What is Game Based Learning?

Playing games is loved by all kids but the fun part is that these games are Educational and can help your kid become a better student. The concept of game based learning is the use of educational games within classroom. Such games have been designed especially for the purpose of education and help in simplifying difficult concepts. They are also useful in understanding historical culture or events which could otherwise be absolutely boring and non- understandable in a traditional classroom.


How Schools are implementing Gaming into the Classroom?

Many schools are now acquiring the concept of game based learning in their normal classroom setup to make education enjoyable and fun for all the students. This method of learning broadens their vision of adapting different learning styles and helps in keeping them engaged. These game based learning could be in the form of video games, board games or card games and they have been designed to teach students new learning skills and educate them regarding difficult concepts. Such games help an individual learn rules, objectives, problems solving skills, develop sense of responsibility,develop sense of independence, adapt and interact in different situations.

Many psychological studies suggest that by introducing game based learning in classroom the teachers will help the students in boosting their ability of problem solving, thinking and creativity.

This method of game based learning is a source of fun, creativity, entertainment, enjoyment, motivation, interaction and learning.

The Popular learning games which are being implemented in school are:

  • Minecraft:

This game is helpful in understanding the difficult concept of DNA extraction in biology.

  • Civilization IV:

This is a strategic game which takes the children into the ancient history times where they are required to create civilizations.

  • Math Learning Games:

Playing Math games can simplify difficult concepts of algebra, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. One of the popular math games is Prodigy which has been integrated with TEKS, MAFS, CCSS and Ontario Curricula particularly useful for kids in class 1-8.

  • Group Games:

Many games have multi player options, these games allow the students to compete with one another and earn great scores thus providing them sense of achievement and learning at the same time.

  • Physical games:

Tic -Tac -Toe is a popular math game where the player needs to do brain storming and learn new skills.

Playing board games likes Chess can also provoke students to think and compete with one another in a healthy environment.

Quiz games by making teams among students can also be a good way of learning in classroom.


Steps to implement game based Learning in Classroom:

  1. Choose a learning game:

It is important to choose alearning game which fits the calibre of students and which will make learning of a difficult concept easier.

  1. Teachers should play the game themselves:

The teacher should play the game to understand how it is going to improve the learning skills of students.

  1. Manage Teacher’s Control Options:

The teacher should control certain aspects of game in order for the student to maintain focus and learn something new from it.

  1. The game should be easy to use:

The game should not stress the kids instead it should be easy to use by all students.


  1. Engaging:

The content of the video or physical game should be engaging enough to attract the students to play the game and develop learning skills from it.

  1. Type and level of Content:

Before introducing the game teacher should first ensure the content of the game, for instance an educational math game should include word problems, graphs and numbers.

  1. Inform the Parents:

It is important for the parents to understand the purpose of introducing a learning game in classroom.

All these aspects are important to manage while introducing a learning game in a classroom.

This new concept of introducing learning games in classroom is still a challenging task for many institutions but those who have implemented game based learning in their classroom have stress free and happy environment where the students can learn while playing. This method of learning provokes their thoughts, broadens their visions, makes them solve their problems independently and in groups. It has also turned out to be beneficial for the teachers to find a new method of teaching difficult concepts to students.

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