Big Data and IoT Drive the World of Technology Forward

Greater data generation has resulted in everyone ranging from an individual to a cumulative group to dive into big data and the IoT. Everyone is exploring cloud for its utilization and benefits. The demand for intact cloud backup services is increasing day by day as it adds value to the data by enhancing productivity. Cloud based solutions provide the platform for such data to be stored and used whenever needed in a matter of minutes.

Big data not only helps in certain fields related to IT, but it can help entire human race achieve its dreams in industries of life sciences, psychology, sociology, healthcare and the likes. Why are cloud storage solutions being prioritized for these fields? Because only such solutions give researchers the speed they need in transferring vital information in a matter of seconds. Interconnectivity with the use of cloud backup can hence help in embarking upon meaningful discoveries where human lives are not only saved, but human age is also elongated.

Internet of Things Challenges

  • Big Data Analytics: Big data is extremely helpful for analytics and making predictions about the world. Hence, the IoT needs to be able to cope up with the greater generation of data every day.
  • Managing Greater Scalability: Internet of Things is not a small platform where say a hundred devices are to be connected with one another. It is a massive platform where with time millions of devices will be connected with one another. The increased numbers will bring with them complex problems of management.
  • Security: Security has a vital role in the development of IoT because of the ability of the applications under IoT to control physical objects and then act on to the physical world. Boundaries need to be set about the kind of permission people using interconnected devices are provided with.

Cloud Based Solutions in Line with Big Data and IoT

Cloud storage companies like StoneFly partnered with Microsoft Azure storage and the likes have realized the need for providing such solutions which are particularly designed for big data. Hence, cloud based solutions help in rectifying the problems related to IoT and big data.

  • Increased Predictability: Users of cloud storage solutions do not have to over invest in storage, they have the flexibility of paying as they go. Hence, saving valuable resources.
  • Intelligence and Automation: Such services are often lined with automated data movement to optimize capacity and performance.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency: All resources are leveraged to ensure maximum performance with up to 80% utilization of the physical disk drives in operability.
  • Ease of Scalability: Many are lined with software management and virtualization that makes multiple nodes act like a single-system. Hence, users get easier protection, management and replication of greater storage much like that of smaller storage.
  • Advantage to Enterprise: Scale-out NAS storage alongside cloud backup, provides the customers with the traditional features of high replication and snapshots helping users to extreme limits.