How to select a right property?

The decision to invest in a property is a major one due to the huge cost involved. Therefore, it is doubly important that youchose the right type of property for yourself. If you mess it up, then it can turn out to be a very costly mistake. Here we are giving you some tips that you should follow while selecting a property. It does not matter whether the property is a luxury apartment in Delhi or a small house in some tier 2 or 3 cities. These tips are relevant for all kinds of property investment decisions.

1). Before you go looking for properties, the main task is to figure out your budget. Here, you can look at your savings and also how much finance you can get from your bank. Your budget will determine which neighborhood (an upscale block or a predominantly middle-class neighborhood) you should focus on to buy a house of your choice.

2). Location plays an important part in selecting a property. Whether you are buying a property for your personal use or for commercial purpose, the importance of location is very high. Try to find a house in such a neighborhood that is located near a highway or a train station. Ease of communication plays an important part in deciding which property is suitable for you.

3). Look at the neighbourhood. If you have spent lakhs of rupees to buy an upscale property but have failed to take into account the underdevelopedneighbourhood (slum areas) then it can affect not only your security but also the property price (if you have purchased it for investment purpose).

4). If you like an apartment, you should also look at the quality of infrastructure in the surrounding regions. Find out how far you have to go to avail the basic facilities like school, banks, post office, malls and bazaars. If you want to buy a property to live, then you should also look at how far the hospital or nursing homes are from the property that you intend to buy.

5). You should never try to select a property by just looking at its image in the any advertisement poster. Go to that property and spend some time there, look if the rooms are bright and well lit. If the rooms are damp and dark then it affects the positivity of a home. Look at the rooms to see whether it will be okay for your needs and can it support your growing family in future.

6). When checking the property, look at its build quality very carefully. In case you rush through this process, then in the future you have to spend a tidy sum of money in repairs.

7). If your apartment is a part of a big housingcomplex, then try to talk to the current inhabitants to figure out what kind of problems they are facing.

If all these steps turn positive and you like the property, then you can ask your lawyer to draw a sale deed after checking all the legal documents of the seller and buy yourself a house that you will be proud to call your own.

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