US Strict Immigration Policies have Resulted in a Decline in Woman Reporting Domestic Violence

Jocelyn Maya, the program supervisor at the domestic violence shelter Su Casa in Long Beach says that she has heard almost same stories of domestic violence from 100 different women in the last 9 months of 2017.

Narrating the story she says, “The story often unfolds with women on the other end of the line crying and stating between sobs that her husband beats her a lot. This doesn’t end here, the woman further states that she is pregnant and despite the fact, husband does not show her any pity.”

Jocelyn says that this happens when a woman becomes too fragile to bear any more pain that she is already bearing and determines to seek help. Sadly, it is too late for many women. “The common fears in such cases are societal pressure, children and more.

But recently, the threat of being deported has been found as the most common reason. The woman fear of being deported as her husband will get the custody of her children and thus she sits quite without seeking the legal help” explains Jocelyn.

The threat of getting deported is the biggest problem maker in cases of domestic violence and drug abuse. Moreover, The stringent policies for illegal immigration imposed by President Donald Trump have increased the number of people who are exposed to the risk of getting deported.

The U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents are already conducting investigations of the illegal immigrants and deporting them to their native lands. This makes it more cumbersome altogether.

In last 6 month, fewer domestic violence cases are reported in the United States. Los Angeles, Latinos reported 3.5% lesser cases registered than 2016 whereas San Francisco and San Diego reported declines of declines of 18% and 13%, respectively.

For those who cherish the decline considering it as a positive sign of lesser domestic violence, the picture is entirely different. In 2016, spousal abuse cases registered had a link between violence and drug abuse.

And as we know, the drug epidemic is way more severe in 2017 than 2016 the authorities expect the rate of domestic violence cases to rise.  Thus, the decline in the number is a grave issue that must be registered with utmost attention.

Domestic violence is a reported crime in the United States and considering the decline it is easy to say the fewer people are reporting it to the authorities in time.

The decline in the reports of spousal violence has also raised a parallel concern as many experts and advocates now fear that those who are living in the United States without legal status might now be exposed to other risks and crimes as well.

To tackle this problem in time, many state-run organizations are coming forward with different techniques. While they are continuously targeting to make the illegal immigrants seek help for their legal immigration status, these organisations are also helping people deal with drug abuse as more and more domestic violence cases are linked with drug addiction, primarily opium.