Watching Movies at Home vs Theater

It is not necessary to watch the latest released movie in the theaters, you may get the time to watch it later. Or maybe the latest movies are not your thing, but watching, the old classics in your pajamas is. Whatever the reason, watching a movie at home on your TV or a theater are totally different experiences.

The endless debate of whether to watch movies at theater or home is ongoing and people have different opinion for the same. Some people prefer watching movies only on the big screen of a theater and make it a perfect outing for self or the family.  Earlier when people you were short of time and economic constraints were felt, watching movies at home was considered a good option. But, with the advancement of technology and the movie like picture quality and sound surround systems at home, many millennial now prefer the home viewing experience especially with the availability of smart Tvs.

Some great benefits of watching movies at home:

1) There is zero risk of getting a bad seat at home, until and unless your wife decides to take your ‘spot’. You can lounge in your favorite sofa and sit in the most comfortable position. Many people suffer from back problem, for them watching movie at home can be a boon in disguise. For greater effect you can connect it to your home theater system.

2) Connect your Smartphone with the Bluetooth speaker, and here you have a theater like sound effect in your living or bed room. In fact with smart TVs becoming a norm and channels such as Netflix offering exclusive previews, your personal theater is in your home.
3) When we are in a movie theater, there are limited options for snacking, and most are unhealthy options at expensive rates.  At home, you can have just about anything you like while watching your favorite movie. Eat a salad with lassi, or enjoy a beer with peanuts, your taste buds will enjoy each bite.

4) Buying movie tickets and watching at theater can be a costly affair, especially on weekends and public holidays. And if you are planning to see a movie with your family than it would add more to the expense. Situation is totally reverse at home, the entire family can watch movie and take a break at their convenience.

5) There is no-time restriction unlike theaters. You can start watching at your preferred time, at 12.00 in the afternoon, or 9.00 p.m. Theaters also give you this option, but first you have to go to the mall or cinema hall, find a parking, watch ads, etc., before you can begin.

6) Missed out on the latest movie or interested in watching one of the classics, then the best option for you is Airtel internet TV.  In theatres, you have the access to only those movies which are screened, whereas at home we can watch any movie we like and a number of times with no extra cost for that.

7) You can wear your pajamas or anything you like at home and watch movie, there is no dressing restrictions. Though these days theaters have no restriction, but social manners dictate a certain dress code.

8) Watching movie at home is the best option for people who like to watch movie alone and weep your heart out. It is especially great for people who don’t like to be disturbed by children or rude behavior such as attending calls during the movie.

In short, there are a lot of differences between watching movies at home versus theater. Mostly, If people have more time and enough money and they like to hangout generally, So they can choose going to the theater to watching movies instead of watching it at home. On other hand, if someone likes more classic movies and do not have ample time to go to theater to watch it. In that case we generally prefer to watch it at home.

Though watching movies at home vs. theater is a very personal debate and it all depends on your preference. In some situations we may like to watch a movie in theater and sometimes watch them at home on our smartTV. With both the options available, let your mood decide what you want to do!