Your Smartphone your Life. Keep it safe.

Our smartphones are not just limited to receive and send calls, messages or check mails. They are much more than that and hold great importance in people’s lives. With smartphones, you can download any digital wallet app, entertain yourself, share money with a spouse in need, and even pay bills online. Most of your important information and private info can be found in apps in phones through pictures, videos, chat logs, emails, drives, payments apps, notes and calendars.

Steps towards keeping smartphones safe and secure:

1). Instances of security breaches of smartphones have witnessed a rise and it’s high-time we create an awareness to avoid putting our data at risk. If your phone is not properly protected apart from losing contacts and text messages there is much more at stake to lose. According to a survey, nearly 54 per cent of mobile users do not set a password when they are turned on or woken from standby mode. And when such mobiles get stolen or left unattended stand the maximum risk of getting accessed by non-social elements. In extreme cases it could lead to financial loses too.

2). You can subscribe or apply for various plans with telecommunication companies that offers all-round protection to your Smartphone. People use their smartphones for accessing the internet apart from making calls. So it is obvious that it should come with a smart browser and if not, it is better to install one. So before starting to browse internet install a smart browser like Opera, Google chrome, Firefox and UC browser.

3). Install anti-virus software in your smartphone. More and more people are using it for protecting their phones and the data stored in it. Always buy anti-virus of good quality and from reliable source. You can visit sites and check reviews of different anti-virus available in the market. Beware of fake anti-virus available in the market. They may lure you by providing it for free, but may actually infect your systems with a deadly virus.

4). Hackers are very smart, so safeguard your smartphones smartly! You may be using apps to pay bills online and leaving passwords unattended! When not in use turn-off phone settings like Wi-Fi, location services, Bluetooth, Cellular data and Near Field Communication (NFC). In addition to saving battery, it would also give hackers less access to your mobile.

5). It is advisable to download app lock that adds an extra element of security to the individual apps. They are extremely helpful in safeguarding apps that contain personal data like banking apps, social networks or email apps. You can set a different password for every app. Or you can download My Airtel App for all types of protection.

6). Get a mobile cover for your smartphone. These devices come for a price and you would be doing a favor by getting it a skin. They make your phone look smart and protect it from scratches or if by mistake you drop it. However, getting insurance with companies such as Airtel in case of an accident is also recommended. They provide pick and drop services for your damaged phone, along with repair.

7). Opt for cloud services from a secure platform, this way, even if your phone is damaged or stolen, all your data will be accessible to you. This way you can utilize your data to meet your professional and personal demands without a hitch.

If your smartphone get hacked or corrupted, it could lead to serious problems. It can be avoided by taking advantages of offers which cover accidents, losses and offer cloud-backed services. You should avail Airtel Secure services for protecting your phone and its data!