Apple Iphone 8 With Touch ID On The Back As The Galaxy S8

It seems that the Apple iPhone 8 will continue to have Touch ID but a little different. According to a Hong Kong company this could be in the back of the device. This new rumor adds to the already known OLED screen and wireless recharge. But today I will only tell you in detail what has been said about the novelties of the fingerprint sensor.

The iPhone 8 with fingerprint sensor behind

Will not the next iPhone have a fingerprint sensor? We do not believe it will be so. In 2017 both Samsung and Apple tried to implement sensory elements for prints within the OLED screens. However the necessary technology still does not work properly. That is why some think that this element will be replaced by 3D sensors. We have verified that the iPhone 8 will still have the security and payment sensor. But the Touch ID would be positioned on the back like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

CLSA has created a diagram showing how the new system would be located. As you can see, it would be located slightly below the Apple logo.

The diagram also shows a very important fact that you may have overlooked. The dual camera is vertically aligned. It is another of the widespread rumors about the iPhone 8 during the last months. In addition there have also appeared in some renders 3D additional modules next to the camera. Some well-known experts say it could be a facial recognition system. The rest of functions or aesthetic lines remain very similar to those of the iPhone 7.

And finally, I would like to highlight other relevant information about this image. It suggests that the new iPhone 8 will measure 144mm high, 71 wide, meaning it will be larger than the current model. As for thickness, 7.69mm, it is a minor change. I confirm you that every data I just mentioned is the one provided by CLSA. Therefore, they are not official data.

Where are the fingerprint sensors of the Samsung Galaxy S8?

As you know, Samsung included the sensor to recognize the fingerprint on the back of the new Galaxy S8. But in my opinion, having put it next to the camera has been a big mistake. How does it happen to put the sensor there? Seriously, I’m surprised they have not thought that more than once you’ll put your finger on the camera. And it will be very annoying because by guiding you by touch you will not know exactly if you have put your finger correctly.

Apparently, locating the Touch ID on the back of the iPhone 8 is a temporary solution from Apple. Why do I say this? Because at the moment, until the technology does not advance to be able to integrate it in the screen, the best option happens to implement it from behind. In fact, you have seen numerous renderings of iPhone 8 prototypes that suggest such a position.

Other challenges in the production of the new model is to arrive in time for the launch of the iPhone 8. Apparently, there have already been some setbacks that could delay its submission by October or November.

Yes, I know, every year it says the same thing. However on this occasion Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst, says that this year has more chances to occur this change.

What model do you think Apple will launch this year the iPhone 8 or the 7s?

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