Step By Step To Make Jio Video Call Using Jio 4g Voice App

In this living world the android apps leads everyone life. The android users enjoys android apps for their entertainment. Here i am going to share about the jio 4g voice android application, using which make video and voice call over 4g network.


Last year, reliance private limited started the jio 4g network. Along with they have developed and released the android apps exclusively for the jio users. One among the app is jio 4g voice for making jio video and voice call.

It is very easy to make jio video call using jio 4g voice app. You need not any technical skills to make jio video call.

What is jio 4g voice?

It is an application for making jio video and voice call over internet using your android smartphone. Jio 4g voice formerly known as jioJoin. The app can be downloaded for both android and iphone. This app uses jio 4g network so that there is no any streaming issue or call cut during the call. The app is specifically designed to work on 4g network. Because of the high speed data access with the jio network, enjoy the high definition end to end video and voice transfer. For making the jio video call using jio 4g voice you need 4g enabled  VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) smartphone. If you have one, the process is very simple and straight forward.

Download and install the jio 4g voice app on your 4g VoLTE Smartphone and follow the steps to make jio video call. If you do not have Non-Volte smartphone and uses 2g or 3g handset, not worry, you can make jio video call with the help og jiofi device with a jio sim on it. Jiofi is a router modem device for connecting and accessing jio 4g data using wifi.

Steps For Jio Video Call Using JIo 4g voice

Dial the recepients number from your dial pad or chose the contact number form the contact lists.

Then call using jio network.

After the call goes , tap on the video icon on the tab after the recipient receives the call. The voice call automatically turned into the video call.

This is the simple method to call on any other numbers on video call using 3G or 4G network.

If you are calling to a jio number, select jio 4g voice to make jio video call to make the call video call.

You can call using jio 4g voice. Once the recipient  receives the call, enjoy the high definition end to end video call. This video call also called as video conferencing.


The one of the other app developed by reliance can also be used as video conferencing. And the app is jio chat app. You can make video conference up to 5 devices using the jio chat application. For Group video conferencing most users uses jio chat app and for simple video call, the users uses jio 4g voice.

Features and specifications of jio 4g voice.

  • It is light weight application apk file size of 3MB. 
  • The app considered as jio calling app since both video and voice call possible over jio 4g voice.
  • The video and voice clarity will be awesome since you are using the 4gnetwork.
  • You can share videos, text and voice over jio 4g voice application.
  • Intimate  to the receivers urgency of your call over urgent call features
  • High definition picture and voice clarity possible because it uses voice over long term evolution technology.

We hare here step out the procedures to make jio video call using jio4gvoice application. Download now the app. It is available from google play store and apple store. Download and install, enjoy the video call