This Year’s Hottest Blonde Hair Trends

The best take on classic blonde that will stop traffic

Going blonde can instantly change your look and your mood! Golden kissed tresses brighten up your entire face, illuminate your skin and give you a glorious look. This article covers the best blonde shades that are on our radar right now.

When choosing your perfect shade of blonde, always consider your skin tone and then select the shade that flatters your complexion the most.

Try and differentiate your hair from your complexion by at least a few shades to provide contrast and an interesting point of difference.

Cool, pale blonde shades are more suitable for people with fair skin tones, while warmer blonde hues honor the deeper skin tones better.

This year the following variations on blonde are all in vogue:

  • Pink-infused platinum blondes
  • Crisp champagne
  • Platinum white to honey

Blonde Trend Roundup

Let’s give you a roundup of all the blonde hair trends being flaunted fearlessly by celebrities nowadays.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde is a creamy blonde with hues of platinum and gold. This is a hair trend that’s going to be all the rage in 2018 and beyond with many celebrities favoring this hue.

Icy Blonde

Icy Blonde is the latest addition to the blonde hues; it’s a combination of platinum white and silver. Cara Delevingne glows in this look while Michelle Williams amplifies her personality with ashy platinum locks.

Liquid Caramel

Liquid caramel has become the go-to color for all: Beyonce is flaunting her gorgeous liquid caramel blonde hair along with the likes of Adele, Penelope Cruise and Jennifer Lopez.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde braided hair is a gutsy and strong look, but Zoe Kravitz and Blac Chyna are effortlessly sporting it.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is definitely the mineral of the moment so why not apply it to your hair styling as well! Recently Lady Gaga rocked the rose gold blonde while Katy Perry opted a subtle rose gold shade and looked very chic.

Tips to Care for your Perfect Blonde Hair

As any good blonde specialist will tell you, blonde hair is quite difficult to manage and requires specific maintenance to look fresh and healthy. Going blonde, or generally maintaining blonde hair, is no easy feat and many put in award winning effort to boast blonde.

Follow the tips below to maintain your gorgeous golden hair:

  • Always apply a UV protective spray while going out, especially during summer to protect your hair from dryness and damaging effects of UV rays.
  • To protect your hair from turning brassy, use a purple shampoo that is specifically designed for blonde.
  • Invest some money in a good dry shampoo for blonde hair.  This way you won’t have to wash your hair that often and you’ll minimize the risk of washout or losing vibrancy.
  • Blonde hair often tends to look dull, like straw or dry grass.  Therefore, you need to go for a deep conditioning treatment that locks in adequate moisture and goodness. Also use a leave-in-conditioner once a week.
  • Regularly trim your hair as heavily bleached hair may be more prone to damage and dead-ends.
  • Blow dry with the temperature setting toward the cooler side as hot air may damage your hair if used regularly.
  • Use a highlighting pen to fake the touch ups if you need to stretch your salon appointment by 2-3 weeks.

With so many stunning blonde hair shades in style these days, it’s really difficult to choose one for your look. Always go with the one that complements your skin tone and do consult a stylist before going forward with it. After you get your desired blonde shade, don’t forget to take care of it properly, keep it nourished, and you will maximize your investment.