The Fabric of India in modern fashion industry

Khadi, it is not just a name of fabric. Along with its unique quality of reversing the temperature according to the weather, it is also related with the history of Independence of India. It was the main point of starting of the “Swadeshi Movement” when India was under British Rule.

Mahatma Gandhi referred the Khadi fabric as ‘livery of freedom’ and declared in the assembly to promote it as the nationalist fabric. Since then, Khadi fabric among the established and young designers has been the canvas to put forward their inventive conceptions. And that’s why mostly government shops selling Khadi clothes and fabric are called “Gandhi Ashram”.

Production of Khadi fabric

Importance of the Khadi fabric:

Khadi fabric is known for its unique cloth property of staying cool during summers and warm during winters, which increases its demand. Beside this, the fabric also holds other important properties like being truly cottage, hand-spun and hand woven as well. Hence, if you notice the Khadi fabric, each piece is a different creation and therefore, people don’t mind paying for the Khadi fabric unique fashion trends too.

The Khadi fabric and its production:

There are some famous Khadi brands prevalent in India, to name a few, Khadi India, Fab India, Khadi Bharat, Kutir, Sarvodhya, Desi Ahar and few others. In terms of the value of Khadi fabric, it has not just given monetary gain to the county but it has also provided employment to the poor, gave earnings to small cottage farmers and with its simplicity nature, connects it to the freedom movement of India with Mahatma Gandhi’s values.

Some of the famous Khadi producing states of the country are Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu. The annual production is nearly around Rs. 700-1000 crores. Due to the recent upgraded machines, time taken to create a Khadi cloth is less and around 9-lakh spinner works under this sector.

The Khadi fabric fashion trend:

The Khadi fabric became the hallmark for Mahatma Gandhi’s quest for freedom but it has now become a fashionable part of many Indian lives. As an established style statement, Khadi fabric has enjoyed its share of importance and it is continuously growing with the increasing fashion trends. Khadi kurta is the most common fashion trend among the men, which has been increasing since its inception.

Likewise, Khadi tops for girls and women in different styles have taken the front seat too. Be it simple Khadi tops or embroidered poncho style top, it is simple and classic at the same time.

And if you are confused about where to search, there are different online sites to explore Khadi stuff where you will get hands-on stylish Khadi tops. Just pair it with jeans or a palazzo and you are not just marking the trend bar, you are ready to flaunt the all-time evergreen Khadi fabric too. Style the Khadi top differently, be it with junk jewelry or royal looking silver or gold jewelry and you will create your own style statement.

Being the part of warp and weft of India, Khadi fabric still has that special place in everyone’s life and in many ways. Even though the world moves ahead towards the industrial fashion, Khadi or freedom fabric continues to generate income for the rural people and generate all-time classic fashion in the form of Khadi kurtas, tops and lowers for the fashionista.