Top 5 Extended Validation Certificate Providers

This era is all about SSL Certificates, as it is a very hot topic right now that is also a backbone for all your website’s security and communications. Thus, when more and more people choosing to secure the website with the right SSL certificate; you would certainly not want to be left behind. The good news is that getting SSL certificate is easy now but to choose the best certificate provider is a bit tedious task and this is because of the competition and many certificate providers in the market. Extended Validation (EV) Certificate considers as a most trusted SSL type. EV SSL enables browser green padlock icon that secure all the communication between user browser and web server and display company name in the browser address bar. EV SSL considers as highly secured Certificate type because to obtain this certificate the business required to validate their existence through a strict legal verification process.

If we talk about the top 5 SSL Certificates Providers this year that competes with each other in terms of price, encryption, quality, services and warranty then keep reading below to know more:

Knowing About Website Security Will Help Further to Understand this Article Better.

The safety of all your personal information is a mandate when you do anything online. Your website shall be protected with all the possible protecting systems and shields in order to make it robust from hacking and other malicious attacks. We all know that almost 70% of our lives today is online with the data digitally sorted somewhere or the other. In addition, the right SSL certificate significantly protects this data. So, what are the reasons that are essential to protect your website’s data or your website?

Security brings credibility to the business, thus it helps in gaining customer’s trust. By giving necessary security measures to your website you are telling your customers that you are in safe hands to do any kind or type of transactions. Other than, this good website security identifies the vulnerable areas and the risk factors that can harm the website’s reputation and credibility among its customers. It also keeps an update of the third party access such as – widgets, plugins that are not updated and hence can be easily hacked. However, with the right website security and extended validation certificate, you can have your website secured from all the possible threats.

Before Moving Ahead, Why Not Have a Look at Extended Validation Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are the types of SSL certificates that offer the highest degree of verification and security for the websites. This is because it requires many things to verify your business details and run thorough identity checks before issuance. Due to this extra layer of validation, the EV SSL certificate exclusively shows the name of the company in the browser address bar.

Technically speaking, it is an SSL certificate that is used by the https websites which is approved and issued by the certificate authorities – CA (the legal entity to issue the certificates) in order to offer the highest standard of website security.

So What Does it Look Alike                                                

A website which is secured with an EV SSL certificate will give you a green padlock icon in the address bar with the name of the company/organization (this is green in colour which is an indication of security offered by EV SSL certificate). The visitors are more prone to trust and complete their transactions with a website that uses an EV SSL certificate. Have a look at few benefits and features of Extended validation certificate.

  • It enables green padlock icon & display company name in the browser address bar to improve business trust.
  • Highest strength with 2048-bit signatures and 256-bit encryption
  • It gives unlimited server licensees
  • Maximum Mobile & Desktop Browser Support
  • Unlimited Certificate Reissuance during Certificate lifecycle
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee

You get cheap EV SSL from some of the trusted SSL certificate providers that also gives 24/7 customer service support. It’s pretty well recommended for the sites that execute financial transactions, and need confidential information to fill. In other terms, you can say that they are great for e-commerce websites.

Look At These Top 5 Extended Validation Certificate Providers:

Cheap SSL shop – Cheap SSL Shop is a trusted brand name among the top sellers of extended validation certificate. Its products are fairly cheap and give the highest standard of security. The Extended validation certificate with Cheap SSL Shop is as cheap as $78.98/Yr. The features which it offers are – green padlock bar, strong encryption, protection, Unlimited reissues during the certificate lifespan, best compatibility with the browsers.

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Rebel –  EV SSL certificates are the ideal solution for your website security that offers the best protection and strong encryption at a very affordable price. Getting it from Rebel you will get it in $399.50/Yr. the immediate green padlock sign in the address bar will your customers the strongest security and credibility to your website. What we get from Rebel – security for both the domain and the “www” subdomain, site security seal, issued in 3 business days, multi-year saving option, $250k Warranty – underwritten Liability Program, security for minimum 128 bit to 256 bit SSL encryption levels and more.

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Xcart – EV SSL certificates with Xcart give the highest and proven levels of encryption, and trust, which is easy to issue, and offer immediate green padlock bar. SO that whenever the visitors visit the site it feels safe to conduct its online transactions. It is compatible with all the next generation browsers such as FireFox 3 +, Internet Explorer 7 +, and Opera 9.5 +. The price is as low as $299.50/Yr and has features like – Up to 1-week issuance speed, Green site seal in the address bar, unlimited reissuance for the same domain and single domains are secured too.

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CLOOK – these certificate providers are a well-known brand that offers a wide range of range of EV SSL certificates and cheap EV SSL. The certificates vary in price, but you get Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate at an affordable price of £350/Yr. It works with all the browsers and gives warranty of $1.5m. It secures both www and non-www as well.

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RoseHosting – This certificate provider issues the EV SSL certificate quite fast and efficiently that will ensure quick issuance of Certificate at a cost-effective rate of – $170/Yr. Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates Validates all the domains of the organization standing behind it. Also, the certificates that they sell are guaranteed and 99.9%+ compatible with of all the OS platforms, browsers and all mobile operating systems and applications.

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Final Thoughts

An SSL Certificate is an essential part of the website’s security as it helps in securing the customer’s sensitive information and gives a safe environment to browse. As they are essential, you will find many trusted certificate providers that offer the best SSL certificates with different brands at a competitive price range. Get them now as per your business and need.