I strongly believe that our schools have contributed a lot in killing creativity among learners. This calls for drastic measures to restore back sanity in education.

Ways through which schools kills’ creativity

In the recent years, the issue of creativity and innovation has been put into spotlight as job markets are experiencing major shifts due to technological changes. Most of the graduates produced from various institutions of learning worldwide are experiencing difficulties in meeting the basic needs of the labour force and adjusting to it. This has been closely associated with the kind of the education systems that our students go through in order to get prepared for the modern job market. Education has been taken as a great contributor in destroying the young, brilliant and curious minds among our learners. Students should be given a voice to speak for themselves concerning the kind of the education systems that they are going through. They should be centred and have full control of the education systems. Most of these education systems have turned to be dictators and unwilling to step down. This is because many of the students continue to pass and graduate while others fail, even some end up dropping from schools and nothing at all happens or changes.


As others scholars believe, I too believe that the kind of education methodologies used in our schools are destroying and killing creativity completely among the students. The methodologies used have made most of the students to loose completely the capacity of creation simply because they neither evoke nor stimulate creativity and innovations.

Teachers, parents and stakeholders in the education system should understand that creativity is not all about taking tests in class. Rather it should be considered as a skill to learn or a program that needs development. It involves seeing things totally different and in a new way as other sees them and aiming at breaking those barriers standing in front of you. Creativity should be regarded more as an art of hearing a good song that has never been put into writings. Finally, it should be understood that the essence of creativity lies in the ability and freshness to make dreams unfold in life. Therefore, this calls for appropriate methodologies to be employed that will enhance creativity rather than killing it.

The various techniques used in learning should be used to create beauty in learning. They should not diminish creativity among the students. Education should not focus much on standardized tests rather aim high at achieving the main purpose of education which is creativity. The education culture should kill that old culture of memorizing, sitting still and testing and getting jobs. This status quo should be challenged and condemned using the strongest words possible in order to change the course of history.

Most education systems used worldwide encourage memorization which has become an easy way for students to pass exams by getting good grades, join a college and secure a job which most people consider as good life. This implies that the purpose of education has changed from enhancing creativity to making of money. This has made many students to spend the better part of their lives inside a box instead of cherishing their minds, create and imagine in improving their minds.

Students should be given an opportunity to exercise creativity. For example they should be left on their own to deal with creative assignment. For instance writing an outline, title and making the structure of these assignments. Teachers have given their students answers that they memorize, titles to write about and everything thus denying them their freedom to express to express their ideas thus hindering their creativity.

Also teachers should understand that education is not all about storing facts in our mind. Rather it should be regarded as the beauty that helps to nurture creativity. Propel curiosity and mould one to become a responsible person. From the sentiments of Kay Margetts who is an associate professors asserts that the curriculum used in most schools is crowded which does not offer room for the children to have time for imaginations and creativity.

Because of an overcrowded curriculum, memorization and exam oriented education systems; it has posed a serious on the economic development. The nature of the graduates produced is unable to neither withstand the technological changes nor fit into the modernizing workforce in the current world. For example a country like the united states of America for a long time has been associated with the rise in number of studies that have suggested that the education system in America have completely failed to enhance and promote creativity, solve problems and take risks that will lead to new transformations in the modern world.

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