Education Excellence and Education Success

Education excellence and success are commonly used to express academic achievements. The article analyses the two terms to establish which one is better to achieve

Education excellence

Education excellence is a common term that people use to express their academic achievements. Most of them use it without knowing its clear meaning. Education excellence has been defines as the mode through which someone obtains an outstanding nature and that person is able to give out the best quality in a certain level. This is the mode at which one brings out an outstanding nature that makes him or her stand out from the rest. In simple and clear terms, education excellence is said to be the way one acquires knowledge and tend to use that knowledge practically in the environment that he or she is living in. Excelling in education makes the society more comfortable and much habitable. Individual who have excelled are able to integrate the various systems in the society and work towards the most expectations of the people.

When an individual goes through education excellence, the knowledge and skills acquired is capable of not only assisting them but also the whole society. Excelling in education enables a person to gain skills that are beneficial and tend to various ways to put into practice what they learn in education more appropriately. This makes one to gain and have confidence of their education and make them able to put the education into practice. This is beneficial even to the teachers since they feel proud of their students who have excelled. This is because students are able to put into practice whatever their teachers teach. Excellence is not based on period progress or achieving a certain target but the ability to be able to complete the education process and to put what is learnt into practice and being able to assist others in it.

Education success

Education success is another term that people use. Education success has been defined as the mode through which one obtains what one desires or ever tried to gain in education. Success involves the ways at which an individual sets goals and works hard towards achieving those goals. Once the goals have been achieved, the process can be termed as success since the desired have already been met. Success mostly comprises the individual’s progress or the ability to attain individual target or aim. This is when we find students making or putting a certain target in their education that they wish to attain at the end of a certain period of time. This time limit can either be in years or months. One makes a target that he or she is supposed to attain by the end of the specified period of time. Success is much based on individual achievement of a certain target, it doesn’t mind what the rest of people think about it but looks to the individual and how to assist that person attain a certain target that has been put in place. Therefore, success is the ability to set targets and committing yourself in employing strategies that one will work on towards achieving the objectives set.

Comparison of Education excellence and education success

According to many people’s understanding education excellence is more important than education success. This because many people tend to acquire knowledge and success academically but later fails to excel in life. Excelling   is more of making good use of the learnt and absorbed knowledge and making good use of it by being able to solve any problem that may come along one’s life. It has come to my understanding that many people do succeed in education but fail to excel in their lives. Most of them end up leading miserable lives since they are not able to use the knowledge acquired in their lives. This is because one may fail to succeed but later on excel in life since the little knowledge acquired one is able to use it and put it into practice. Succeeding and excelling are closely related and the most important thing is the mode by which an individual succeeds in education and also excels, this means one is able to put the gained knowledge into practice and able to solve any problem that may arise in their lives. Excelling has been closely associated with wisdom. This means that through the inborn abilities, one may become successful in life. In the case of education success, one his to design his own ways, must work hard, sacrifice and commit his life in order to achieve all that he wants in the future.

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