8 things to expect from a second interview

 Congratulations, you have just received a call from the Human Resource Department for a second interview for the job you applied recently. At this point of hiring, the HR managers and decisions makers are seriously convinced that you are a worthy candidate to be considered for a second interview because you impressed them in the first one. You were well-prepared for the initial meeting, but what should you expect for this round? This will determine your fate and the final job decision by the management. Let us provide you with some tips to be prepared for the second interview.

Expectation From a Second Interview

First of all, the second interview is one step closer to the job opportunity you have been dreaming of and working hard for. Therefore do not take it lightly; dress properly and remain motivated as you were in the first interview. You can expect to see some new faces and some surprises in the second interview however; this time a whole new panel of directors or CEOs might talk to you directly.

  1. Expect New Faces

The second interview might give you a chance to get to meet some new people in the organization. Some of them might be old faces from round one and this might be a panel interview. Expect to see a mix of senior managers, executives, and co-workers. You might even meet someone who you know from school days and haven’t seen in ten years.

  1. Expect to Discuss Specifics

During the second interview, the employers are not much interested in your technical skills, they are likely to know more about your personality, how you will add value to their organization and what will be the strengths and weaknesses of hiring you. Your resume was already an impressive one, employers want to make sure that you are the same person that your resume speaks of. Be ready to talk about your recent work history and achievements. Tell them what you would do more positively if you get the job as compared to other candidates.

  1. Expect to Tie Up Loose Ends

If you did not answer a question in the first interview fully, here is your chance to answer it again. Remember your loose ends from the first interview and prepare yourself to answer the same questions that you did not prepare to answer the first time. Advance planning will help you to respond fully in the second interview.

  1. Expect Tricky Questions

Some employers enjoy asking tricky, strange questions, they want to know how you respond to various situations and what your style of thinking is. They also intend to test your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through these questions; so do not be overwhelmed and relax if you are asked a strange question. Try to answer it more rationally and logically. Keep the fun and humor alive in a serious situation.

  1. Expect A Lot of New Questions

You can be asked a whole new series of questions in the second interview; in the second meeting with management, you should be prepared to answer any type of questions including questions about the company and its products, job roles, company culture etc.

  1. Expect to Talk about Your Salary

It is not necessary that they will offer you a job straight away and tell you your salary package, but in the second interview, you can surely expect to talk about benefits and compensation. Do not ask them first, wait until the managers talk about the salary themselves. Research your potential employer and find out what should you be able to deserve if you are hired; do not sell yourself short. If you think all the aspects of this job are suitable for this much salary, then accept the offer, otherwise, you can politely decline it.

  1. Expect to Discuss Next Steps

Now it is time to go home and relax after the second interview, the interviewers are likely to tell you about the next step of the hiring process that might include a third and a final interview or simply wait for an offer letter to arrive before you join your duties. They also have the right to offer you that position on the spot if you stand out from the rest. You must be certain that you want this job and willing to do it better than others.

  1. Expect a Denial

If you were really good in the first interview but proved to be a little dull or overconfident in the second one, the employers may deny offering you this job on spot.

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