Every college graduate at one point in life, flashbacks and regrets because of the kind of life he or she went through while in college.

The Regrets

Most of them regret because of some things they did not do or they did not perfect during their time in college. Some of the regrets may result because of getting employment in the area that he did not major in while in college or failing to get a job after his graduation. Some of the regrets they went through include;

Failing to study harder while in college

Long after graduation or failure to get an employment, the graduate may come to regret not working harder while in college. This may result when those who performed better get better jobs before him or her. This may persist, thus killing the graduate’s morale and he would start blaming himself while regretting failing to work harder while in college.

The regret of failure to make more friends and maintain them

On leaving college, graduates develop personal regrets on why they didn’t make more friends while in college and maintain them. This may result when the graduate suffers loneliness while seeking for an employment while his fellow graduates have already been employed. This may develop more stress making the graduate regret even more. This may also be a result of all his fellow graduates being in pairs and him lacking company.

Regret of being in love relationships of opposite sex while in college

The regret of being in love relationships of opposite sex while in college The graduate may flashback on the time wasted because of love relations long after graduation and regret not having spared that time on studies. He may feel that this is the reason for his failure to reach potentiality while in college. He may feel that this is the reason for his unemployment and sometimes family problems.

Regret of failure to get the best of what the college could offer

The regret of failure to get the best of what the college could offer Graduates come to regret their time in college for not having used it efficiently when close to college resources. This develops once the graduate becomes incompetent at work throwing the blame on failure to utilize college resources more so those that deal with practical skills. This incompetence may haunt the graduate making him wish he would have his time back in college to utilize some of those resources fully that he never used while in college.

Not having travelled more while still in college

This comes later when the graduate does not have the opportunity again to go around the world and has not enough time to do that. The graduate develops regret for not making frequent visits while still in college. It becomes late for him to know and understand what is happening around the world and only lives to regret. This again causes regrets because the graduate cannot have the opportunity to reverse that again.

Not studying abroad

It’s always a common desire among students to have some of their studies abroad. It becomes a regret when the graduate comes out of college without some of his certificates from abroad. This is always a common aim of students regardless of their gender, race and family background. This regret is further transferred to their children since they inherit the myth that their children ought to complete what they didn’t achieve but was among their aims.

Regret of poor usage of student loans

College graduates come to regret later on the poor usage of their loans for higher education later in life after they face the burden of repaying their loans. They regret on failure to reinvest part of their loans into an income generating firm. This trouble is further increased by the high-interest rates of these loans and penalties of failure to pay the loan on time.

College graduates regret on the low work experience

On leaving college the graduates, later on, regret on failure to attain higher work experience. This comes after the graduate is so incompetent on his work and lays his blame on himself for having attained a low work experience in his area of specialization. This further becomes a bigger problem when the graduate fails to get job promotions where he turns and flashbacks, which causes regrets on his low work experience.Graduates

Graduates turn to regret on the wrong area of specialization Sometimes the graduates get employment in the areas they minored on. This deters the graduate on the low-level working experience on the job. This hinders the graduate on getting the necessary job promotions. This makes the graduate regret on making a poor judgment on the decision for majoring in a wrong subject.

Graduates often come to regret on failure to ask for advice

Most college students come to regret on failure to ask for advice before making major decisions. This is due to college freedom which turns to be a calamity on various futures of students. This comes when the graduates become trapped on various issues. The graduates then come to lay the blame on their ignorance to ask for consultations from their seniors and colleagues.

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