Troubleshooting Issues of an Induction Cooker

Technologies advancement has been a central vision in every concerned field. This theory applies to electrical appliances as well.  With time, technologies have played their role in developing latest appliances to solve human needs. One of the most effective appliances developed is induction cooking. It is a smart way of using magnetic field for cooking. Now, you don’t need a gas stove to cook your favourite food, get an electric induction cooker today!

Do you already have an induction cooker in your home in Kolkata? See, like any other appliances, an induction can also face minor or major damage issues once in a while. All you need is to choose a reputed induction service in Kolkata. Above all, it is important to know the troubleshooting issues that might show up in your induction cooker. Keep reading!

We have created a list of minor and major issues observed in an induction cooker and ways to handle the situation.

The appliance is not heating the food

There can be a number of reasons causing this problem. It could be either the absence of power to the induction or the control settings has a fault. A fuse or breaker issue can cause absence of power in the induction cooker. Other similar causes include the cookware not being compatible with the induction cooker or it is not placed properly on the cooking plate. Ensure that the surface of cookware completely lies on the surface of induction cooker.    

Induction cooker is not working

In this case, the control buttons are potentially at fault. If the buttons are locked, you need to unlock it by making some arrangements with the controls. For this, refer to the instruction manual. Also make sure, there is no blown fuse or tripped breaker.  

Induction cooker stops working while cooking meal

Again, it can have several associated factors. The most common cause is its automatic shut-down feature. Use the instruction manual to change the automatic shut-off characteristic. Another potential reason could be that the cooker has crossed the overly temperature.   

Element gets very warm or is not heated as desired

Alter the control setting in such situation. Lower or raise the setting to the point you get the desired heating temperature. Make sure you use a flat-bottomed cookware on the induction cooker. Also ensure the cookware used doesn’t impair heating process of the induction.

If the problem persists, call for kitchen chimney service in Kolkata. A reputed company with experienced experts can help you get over the situation with the right solutions. The skills and qualifications of the team they work with would ensure you get the right service resolving any of the above mentioned issue. If it is something different from what stated above, an expert will definitely have an effective solution.