What are the Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent in NW1

It is really very hard to make choices and come to a decision when buying a home is being considered. There are generally very high stakes, lots of incentives to bluff and lots of hiding inconvenient facts. Nazemi Property Consultancy in London, NW1 are, however, legally bound to tell you the truth and therefore, it is important to ask the right questions to find out the condition about your buy and what the situation really is. This could make a lot of difference – you could have your dream home and save a fortune or just end up buying a dud. Let us find what are the right questions to ask the real estate agent when you are planning to make the investment.

You would need to make sure what you are exactly buying

You should start with something like ‘why is the owner selling?’. Though the real estate agent might not answer, he could hint you about it. There can be lots of truths uncovered here. You could also ask the real estate agent about what are things he would check out before he was buying a house. You could even ask the neighbours or local shopkeepers if there is a problem with the neighbourhood or something. Some other questions you should ask your estate agents nw1 is what exactly is being sold – the boundaries if the garden would be included and all the similar details. You could also ask the real estate agent  tricky question like ‘How long has the property been on the market?’ Thus you would know if people are showing a genuine interest or keeping away due to some reason then that person must consult with reputed London estate agents Nazemi Property Consultancy covering property sales, lettings and management in Marylebone, Nw1, Paddington, St. johns Wood.

You could even get ask him about the previous owners and related information

You could inquire of the agent how long the previous owners have been there. There could be an issue if they were moving out too soon. You could also find out if the property has been changing hands repeatedly. You could even ask the real estate agent about how he had decided on the asking price. He might give you proper justifications for the same or might even tell you if it is really overpriced. You could even look through nearby places and find out how much do the properties in that particular area sell for. You could even get into little negotiations by asking ‘What is the minimum price the seller will accept?’

You could keep on inquiring more about the property

The questions you should ask the real estate professionals in London NW1 determine what you will end up buying. You could ask about the offers that have been made for the property, when the sellers are moving out and if you can meet them in person. You could also inquire about the major walks that have been conducted on the property. You could ask about the taxes that are to be paid in that area. You could also ask about the age of the property and if you could try out the faucets to know about the water supply. You could find about if the rooms have been redecorated and why. You could check out if there any problems with the individual items.