Pressure Washer Pump Fits Honda Excell

Himore Honda Pressure Washer Pump has an exit which includes 22 mm in diameter and can fit a broad range of Honda Excell outputs and engines, mostly in the XR series, XC series, EXHA series and much more. This pressure washer water pump is convenient and contemporary in its design such that it will replace a band style pump that you may have in your traditional design of a pressure washer. You can clean concrete with this pressure washer pump. Read More

It also has a handy hook up contact for any standardly sized garden hose on the way. You can experience a good flow meter from this pressure washer pump from Himore. Because of the real fact that it can play as much as 2.3 to 2.4 tuns per minute. Which is very good and fair about maximum water pressure pumps for washers out where.

With a shifting pressure rate from 2,400 PSI up to 2,600 PSI, you can relish the best kind of achievement for any pressure washer from this powerful pump that you have here. It will be fit with any engines with a small shaft design of only 7/8 inch with 1 1/2 inch or fewer engine designations. It comes with all of the needed bolts and lock washers as well as some useful guidance on how to assemble it or attach to your pressure washer, and it is relatively straightforward to install at only around 5 minutes of time. It is a very great upgrade to consider for just about any fitting pressure washer.


Something More About This Pump:

  1. This pump is lightweight (6.6 pounds) and easily fit big motors.
  2. The installation of this pump will take up to 20 minutes. Sometimes, it will take less than 12 minutes.
  3. Again, the cost is also cheaper than other pumps. You can save a lot while buying or using this pump on your machine.
  4. So, you will get hassle free working pump with your motor.
  5. You will get manual and all required tools to install this pump on your engine.
  6. Guarantees you solidness of the feature and assistance of the pump.
  7. As the distributor is well known in the current market, you will get the exact thing and service after you order this product.
  8. Pressure washer pump does large than usual pumps. So, the keeping cost will be actually zero.



  • Built with the latest technology and feature.
  • Seamless performance.
  • Fits all types of motors particularly Honda models.
  • Small, light and compact design.
  • Jobs at high pressure like 2750 PSI.
  • You can spray water at 2.5 GPM.
  • Comes with Brass Thermal Relief Valve, Engine Shaft Key.
  • Quick Connect Kits for easier installation.
  • Quickly start option.


  • Installation may appear tough with some old motors.
  • Sometimes difficult to insert male fitting of the high-pressure hose into a female fitting on the pump.
  • Works on horizontal shafts only.
  • Sometimes it may be hard to fine tune.