Protecting Your Families

Protecting Your Families from Pest Contamination and Diseases

Is your home in Central Coast free from pests? Treatments carried out by pest control experts are not just with a motive to remove pests from your residential or commercial properties but to keep you safe from pest borne diseases as well. When did you last hire pest control services in Central Coast? To keep your family protected from harmful diseases caused by pest infestation, it is essential to check for these insects regularly.  

Generally, pests are insects living in unhygienic places like drains and sewers. So, you will never want to have those pests living in or around your house. In case you are less aware about the consequences of sharing living space with these pests, we have brought you some details about the unhealthy results from the situation.


Mice might seem t6o be a harmless little creature to you but to bring to your notice, it is one of the most harmful offenders when it is about unwanted health issues. They have a tendency to build home inside your home and keep roaming in your house for food. They mostly hide in dark places and contaminate the kitchen area when you are asleep.

These tiny creatures keep dribbling urine all around which is not good for a healthy environment in your home. The area in their contact turns contaminated. Their urine can cause diseases like meningitis and salmonella which find ways through floors and countertops.

The problem is the quick drying tendency of its urine. You might not know when chopping vegetables on a urine-infected chopping board.


Cockroaches are considered as the ugliest pests of all. When the concern is about illness and disease, keeping cockroaches away from your home should be you first step. They enter your house through drains to get a warm and cosy living environment and of course for food! Being worst offenders, they have a tendency to cause serious illness and disease. As they go crawl past an area, they leave bacteria, pathogens and parasites on your kitchen boards and bench tops.

Other than contaminating surfaces and food, these pests leave urine, droppings and decaying bodies. All of these turn into dust particles which ultimately contaminates the air we breathe, causing allergies. You won’t believe but this dust is more harmful for an asthma sufferer as compared to cat or dog hair.  


Rats have sharp and powerful teeth to gnaw on almost anything and everything possible in order to have access to food and water. Their faeces and urine contaminate the place causing diseases like leptospirosis. This is a serious condition resulting in liver, heart and kidney problems. It is not just contamination that causes these problems but inhalation of evaporating and decaying rat waste is an added reason. Bring a larger pest, rats even bite and scratch humans resulting in infections like rat bite fever.

This information was not to scare you but to bring your attention on the much ignored situations like these health problems. Now, that you know detailed consequences of residing pests in your house, you would probably start hiring  from Flatline Pest Control for their effective services in Central Coast regularly.