Design a Monochrome Kitchen: 4 Brilliant Ideas That Can Work Wonders

Are you bored of your kitchen’s overall design and decor? And, do you want to deck it up before Christmas, so that your guests can see and appreciate it? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then I must say you have landed upon the right blog! Because in this blog, I’m going to give you some really easy yet brilliant ideas to perk up your kitchen, that too by using just two colors- classy black and soothing white. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Trust me, it’s going to look interesting as well. Hence, keep reading my blog and see what the combination of these two elegant colors can do to your kitchen.

  • Paint the Walls Black

Now, you must be surely thinking that I have lost my mind right? Well actually, I haven’t lost my mind. I’m just trying to do something different. Usually, when someone is about to design a monochrome kitchen, what they do is they keep the walls white to make the area look spacious and bright. But, that’s so cliché! I prefer keeping the walls black (or at least one black accent wall) in this nook, which will be balanced by the other kitchen essentials having white color such as the appliances, slabs, countertops, etc, so that the space doesn’t look gloomy or shrunken.

If you want to make the black walls look a bit more interesting, you can always use small white wall decals or black-and-white backsplash on it. You can also hang painting if you want, but make sure that the frame is white.

  • The Cabinets Have to be Antique White

In the above point, I have mentioned that a black accent wall needs to be balanced with white kitchen essentials right? And, I have mentioned about a few kitchen essentials as well, such as countertops, slabs and appliances. But now, I’m going to include another kitchen essential, and that is the cabinets. To make your black wall look better, you must install simple yet sober, Antique White Kitchen Cabinets made of solid wood such as maple or walnut. But yes, before you purchase cabinets, please check the material and see if it is durable, easy-to-clean and robust or not. Also check whether it is warranted or not.

  • Place a Monochrome Rug

Whether your kitchen flooring is made of solid wood, white marble, black tiles or is laminated, just make sure you place a stylish monochrome rug on its floor. Many people don’t place rugs on their kitchen floor because cleaning it would become hectic. But, if you place it on a less trafficked area, you wouldn’t have to clean it often. Opt for a black-and-white zebra printed rug or an Aztec printed one.

  • Illuminate the Room with Numerous Lights

Last but not the least, make the room look dazzling by adding numerous light fixtures. When you will visit a store that sells home interior lights, you’ll obviously come across a wide variety of them and be spoilt for choice. However, there’s one suggestion for you, don’t buy lights on the basis of their appearance. Instead, you need to analyze whether they will do justice to the space or not. Some kinds of lights that you can add to your monochrome kitchen are:

  • Accent lights on the counter top or the dining table placed in your kitchen. Or else, you can also install three to four pendent lights over the counter top.
  • Use LED strips beneath the cabinets. It’ll make the cabinet area look more beautiful.
  • Recessed lightings are “in trend” these days. Hence, you can install these lights on the ceiling too.

So, now that you have got quite a few ideas about creating a monochrome kitchen, waste no more time and get started! If you want to know about discount bathroom vanities, wait for my next blog.