Tips for Choosing Between Non Surgical Fat Reduction Methods And Liposuction

Exercise and diet resisting fats can be now efficiently treated only by means of different kinds of cosmetic-based fat-reduction methods.


Since 1980 liposuction has been recognized as one of the most successful and advanced fat-reduction surgical methods. Hollow-tube called cannula is being inserted for sucking excess-fats from targeted areas. Body sculpting especially slimming can be effectively done by this specific method of fat-reduction.

Non-invasive procedures:

Non-invasive procedures of fat-reduction are topical in nature and thus no surgical action is being involved out here. Targeted fat-cells are being sincerely and safely eliminated by means of these procedures.

  • Coolsculpting: Cryoliposis-device is being used for the purpose of freezing the fat-cells without exposing surrounding fat-cells towards any damages. Dead fat-cells are being thoroughly flushed out from the system. Cryo lipo fat freeze is not at all a complicated process rather it can be completed with ease.

  • Zerona: This specialized fat-reduction procedure involved cold-lasers for stopping the storage of excess-fats but for availing the results you might require waiting for a long. In this case, fat-cells are being shrunk nicely after bringing down the fat.

  • Trusculpt: Regulated radiofrequency-technology is being used out here for eliminating fat-cells from abdomens, buttocks, thighs and hips. One-hour timing is required for completing the concerned treatment and more than one session is involved. This particular treatment has got a great similarity with cryo lipo treatment.

Non-surgical fat-reduction vs. liposuction:

  • Invasiveness: Liposuction is comparatively aggressive in nature and you might experience trauma during treatment. Minimum for ten-days, you have to bear swelling, brushing or soreness. On the other hand, minimum discomfort is being experienced after and during of trusculpt and cool-sculpting.
  • Results: After six-months, when swelling gets vanished then only the liposuction effects can be viewed but in case of non-invasive methods effects cannot be viewed easily rather you got to wait for a longer time. Therefore, in that case, liposuction is considered as a much better option.
  • Downtime: Liposuction’s healing-process involves extended period and restriction over daily-activities but in case of trusculpt and cool-sculpting patients can start performing daily-choired immediately after the treatment. Both swelling and slight soreness might be experienced in this case. You can now to any reputed cryo lipo clinic in order to receive the advanced procedure of trusculpt and cool-sculpting.

Which one is suitable for me?

Excess-fat deposits at larger areas can be now effectively dealt by liposuction only. Though risk-complications and costs are comparatively higher but you will be able to get a completely structured figure with this treatment.

Stubborn and smaller trouble-spots, good skin-elasticity and ideal-weight allow you having non-surgical fat-reduction. Though dramatic effects will not be availed and you might require multiple treatments.

If you are not being able to take the decision which one to choose amongst non-invasive fat-reduction methods and liposuction then you are suggested taking advice from any board-certified cosmetic-surgeon. In this case, you will receive a customized consultation and this consultation will definitely enable you choosing the most suitable option for you.

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