Crazy Stories From Hair Salons – What Clients Ask For

Weird and Wacky Client Requests – Stories From A Hair Salon

Hairdressing is one of those jobs that puts you into contact with all kinds of people that you may not bump into in any other circumstance. Depending on the type of salon you work in, most clients will request similar things; a bouncy blow dry for a night out, the latest colour seen in all the glossy mags or a new cut when they are feeling radical.

Every once in a while someone will come along and completely blow your mind when they sit in the chair. This post was put together by the team at Enhance Styling and they want to share with you a few of the crazy things that have happened in their salon!

Client wants a colour and brought their own box dye

Most stylists take great pride in being able to see a colour and then work out the formula to recreate it. This is definitely a science as you have to consider the original colour, the shade wanted and how it will work with the clients skin tone and quality of hair. Any stylist will tell you that box dyes are the devil, so you can imagine the horror at being asked to use one. They use super harsh chemicals and the results often leave people very disappointed. Don’t go to a high street salon and bring your own dollar shop colour!

Funeral for a friend

There was a call out to a friend/client’s home after her lovely mother had passed away. Not only was our stylist able to comfort our friend in her time of grief, she was called upon to provide some pre-funeral hair care! We ended up at the funeral home and worked our magic, creating a lovely and respectful look for the dearly beloved mum – not your everyday style cut that is for sure.

Men’s style cut – and a blind date?

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon – the appointment book was filling up fast, clients were acting as demanding as ever and my feet were killing me.

A lovely young man came in for a 3.30 style cut and I sat him down. I noticed my colleagues looking and smirking in my direction as I begun the consultation. I wondered what was so funny.

The client began asking me the questions: wanted to know all about my life, what I did for fun, what my favourite meal was. I could have sworn I was on a first date! After the cut, I said goodbye and as he walked out the door, he handed my his phone number. Moments later, my friend ran up to me and told me her prank – he came in for a blind date and I was the unwitting partner!

She arranged this with her mate and of course he jumped at the chance to be in on the joke. Anyway, while he was lovely, I just wasn’t interested and hence no follow up on my behalf. He still comes in for his monthly style cut however we are just friends now!

Clients who stare during the shampoo

Most people really relax during the shampoo, they close their eyes and can even fall asleep. Once in a while you get someone who likes to maintain eye contact. This is ok if you are talking but when they look at you in silence it can be a little creepy.

The one who can’t decide what they want

It can be hard to choose a new style but most people have a vague idea or at least know what they don’t want, so we can work backwards. I had a lady who arrived and had no idea. She didn’t mind going short or changing the colour. Sometimes it allows the stylist to be really creative but it can be hard as they may be disappointed whatever you produce because they couldn’t settle on a finished look.

Client who cried every time I touched her

Usually this happens with children who are nervous about going to the salon, but I have met people who are very tender headed. Any form of brushing or touching the scalp is extremely painful. It is always best to let your stylist know. Never suffer in silence, beauty does not have to mean pain.

Extensions horror

They have been the biggest trend recently but so many people do not take care of them. If you wash your hair often you must dry and detangle the extensions properly. One lady had left hers to air dry overnight, the hair became so matted we had no choice but to cut it out. Luckily she had very long hair but for the next few months she will be wearing a bun to cover the shorter parts.

The salon can be daunting if you are new or trying something for the first time. You can always give the salon a call to book a consultation, where you can talk through your ideas and meet your stylist or have a look at our team profiles here.