Ultimate Guide for Facial Steaming

A question always asked to us? “What’s the purpose of facial steaming?” My thoughts precisely, because as far as I knew it opened your pores so that all the dirt gets out of the skin and you can remove the dirt better. But pores cannot open by itself. That’s why we need facial steaming.

I immediately went to research, and some sources dare even to claim that (too often) steaming is just bad for your skin while others are just stimulating. I come across contradictions everywhere, so below I’ve found out all the facts of what I could think about steaming your face.

How can you steam your face:

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First of all, let me explain how the face of your face is steaming. There is special facial kit or device called facial steamer, a water-converting device that steams over your face. You can also steam on your face by hanging over a bowl of boiling water with a towel over you. For example, in the water, you can drop essential oils that enhance the cleaning effect of the steam, such as tea tree oil. On average, you steam for about 10 to 15 minutes.

What facial steaming exactly does?

In most cases, steaming may help to clean your face, but not because your pores are open. It helps because the moisture of the steam softens and stretches your stratum corneum. It makes dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and other rubbish to become looser and better removed after steaming. Often a mask is applied after steaming because it can penetrate ‘better and deeper into the skin because the pores are open.’ That’s not true, but because your upper skin layer is now weak, the beauty cream in the mask will soon be able to reach the layer below the stratum corneum. Indeed, it penetrates deeper into the skin, but that has nothing to do with open pores. Also, your (clogged) pores after steaming can be better achieved, and therefore their dirt is easier to remove.

Preventing Acne:

In fact, this happens; Because of the hot temperatures of the steam, the blood vessels dilate in your face. This makes your face swell slightly, making your pores look smaller and finer. If you have severe acne and hence a lot of blocked pores and subcutaneous inflammation, it may prevent your acne from getting worse, because the dirt is “embedded” with the swelling of your face.

Promoting Blood Circulation:

Steaming promotes blood circulation in your skin and stimulates sweating. An improved blood circulation will provide that highly sought after glowing skin and with sweat loss, you may moisture, as well as hide skin that has clogged.

Is it safe for skin?

Steaming too often does not seem to be good for your skin. Steam can be misleading. Through steam, hot water can penetrate your skin and cause a combustion reaction. Oh! It is true that vapor of boiled water is warmer than the boiled water itself, in other words, steam is hotter than 100 degrees Celsius! That’s hot. And as you know, hot water showers are very dry for your skin every day, and steaming is the same. If you steam your skin too often, your skin will dry out for a while, and you will not be waiting for it. In any event, it is advisable to apply a good moisturizing cream after steam and cleaning.

Tips of facial steaming:

After my research on steaming the face, I can draw a few conclusions, and I hope you agree with me.

  1. First, steaming is not for everyone. Let your skin type and the level of your acne determine by a dermatologist or beauty specialist to find out or stiffen your acne can exacerbate or not.
  2.  Secondly, I believe that steaming helps to clean your face because it softens your upper layer of skin so that the products that you use after stopping can better reach the skin layer below it. This way you can clean your skin deeper.
  3.   However, steaming too often is drying out for your skin, so try to find a balance here. If you have dry skin shine once a month, steaming is enough. If your skin is combined with fat, then you may probably steam more often. On some sites, I read that I need to be able to take 2 times a week, but personally, I would not do it more often than once a week, but this differs, of course, by a person.
  4. As a last tip, I would like to introduce you to adjust with too hot steam. Boiling water steam can be hot and 120 degrees hot and you can burn it! (40 degrees is best) There are devices called facial steamers, where you can set the temperature. This is much safer because you know how hot the steam is because with a bowl of hot water you never know! You can also burn your bowl and make sure you do not accidentally push the bowl over. Do not hang too close to boiling water, take some distance. You will notice when it gets too hot and too chewy for you and if you can get closer to the water with your face.

I hope you’ve gotten a little wiser about it, anyway, at least! Do you ever steam your face? I never do it, but try to try again (but not too often!).

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