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5 Natural Ways To Gain Weight You Need To Know

While there are many people who are interested in losing weight, there are just as many who are tired of being thin. Naturally, they are rather interested in gaining weight, so they do not have to worry about their slim figure anymore. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to gain weight and look amazing, impressing your friends and family with how healthy and fit you have become. Keep on reading and discover a couple of natural ways to gain weight; be sure to try all of these suggestions, in order to convince yourself which one works the best.

#1 Bananas & Milk Combo

Banana Milk

If you are looking to gain weight in a natural manner, you should definitely consider the bananas and milk combination. Bananas are rich in calories, providing you with a good dose of carbs and potassium. In general, it is recommended to eat bananas in the morning, so that you feel energized. Add to that a glass of milk and you have the perfect combination. If you want, you can also add some sugar to the milk. Keep in mind that bananas also increase testosterone level in men; use them to stimulate your libido and return to a fulfilling sexual life.

According to an informative brochure developed by the University of Rochester, bananas are among the foods that can boost fertility. The beneficial properties of bananas, with regard to the male libido, have also been confirmed in the bookHealthy Sex Drive, Healthy You”. The active substance responsible for stimulating the male libido is bromelain.

#2 Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is one of the most efficient ways to gain weight, particularly lean muscle mass. You can choose any form of physical exercise; what matters is that you work out on a regular basis. The constant training will activate your metabolism, stimulating your appetite at the same time. As you begin to work out regularly, you will also eat more food (pay attention to both quality and quantity).

Among the most recommended forms of physical exercise, there is walking, jogging and cycling. You can also give dancing and swimming. A try; at the gym, opt for aerobic, strength training and stretching. According to a study, which was published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, one can actually gain weight through regular training. What happens is that one begins to accumulate lean muscle mass, instead of fat.

#3 High Intake Of Proteins

protein foods


If you are interested in gaining weight and developing your lean muscle mass. Then, you should consider including more proteins in your diet. You must remember that muscles are made of protein; hence you need more proteins to develop them (and, thus, gain weight). Be sure not to exaggerate, however, with the intake of proteins, as these can have a negative impact on your appetite. As for the best sources of proteins, these include meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, nuts and seeds and legumes. You can also take protein supplements, if necessary.

The fact that a high-protein diet contributes to the weight gain process has been confirmed by numerous studies, including one that was published in Jama. The study drew attention to the fact that only a high protein diet causes weight gain; a low-protein diet does not provide the same results.

#4 Nutrient-dense foods

One of the most efficient ways to gain weight refers to the inclusion of more nutrient-dense foods into the daily diet. These foods guarantee a higher caloric intake, being rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients. Among the most recommended nutrient-dense foods, there are bananas, dairy products (milk in particular), rice, nuts & seeds, nut butter, red meat, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, root vegetables, fatty fish (salmon), dried fruits, avocados, and cereals.

According to an informative brochure developed by the University of Colorado, there are a number of eating strategies one can resort to, in order to gain weight. One of the recommended strategies is eating nutrient-dense foods. Nutrient-dense food such as dried fruits, whole grain bread, nuts and seeds, starchy vegetables etc.

#5 Liquid diet

A liquid diet, contrary to the popular belief, can help you gain weight, as the nutrients are absorbed much faster. It is recommended in general, to include as many high-calorie beverages as you possibly can. This includes smoothies and protein shakes, but also fruit juices and milk-based beverages. You can also consume vegetable/meat both. Since, this is one healthy beverage, filled with useful nutrients. If you want your liquid meals to be more consistent, you can add whey protein, oatmeal or other cereals into the mixture. Also, if you are preparing smoothies, you can add avocados or nut butter, as these are rich in calories and delicious to taste.

In the same brochure that was mentioned above, beverages such as shakes, milk and fruit juices are recommended to be included in the daily diet. For example, you can prepare a delicious beverage breakfast, by mixing fruit juice with fresh/frozen fruit, yogurt, milk powder and wheat germ/oat bran. Many of these beverages contain active ingredients, which can stimulate the testosterone production as well (useful for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and/or libido loss). However, if you are looking to improve your sexual life even faster, you can consider using one of the top rated testosterone boosters. These can stimulate the production of testosterone as well, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life once again.


These are a couple of natural ways in which you can gain weight. As you have seen for yourself, you might want to pay attention to the things you eat; include more nutrient-dense foods in your diet, try liquid meals and up your protein intake. Choose a workout and train on a regular basis, as physical exercise can help you develop lean muscle mass and, thus, gain weight. Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as it is possible; these contain healthy nutrients and they can also stimulate the production of testosterone. Thus, helping you fight common issues, such as erectile dysfunction and/or loss of libido.