Identification of low testosterone and its harmful effects

In medical terminology, “Hypogonadism” is called the decrease in normal testosterone production. Testicles produces Testosterone, an important hormone of the human body. It is mainly produced in good night comma in male testosterone is produced by Led excel. In females ovaries produces testosterone. Low testosterone levels can on the other hand can have adverse effects on your health. Read on to learn harmful effects of low testosterone and how to identify it:

Testosterone is very important dependency in the human body in various ways such as:-

  • Testosterone affects humans appearance
  • It affects the sexual development of human
  • This helps for the production of sperm production production
  • Testosterone helps for stimulation of sex drive
  • It also helps for building muscle

So, here in the session we are going to deal with the identification of low testosterone and its harmful effects.

Did you know?

As human age increases, the production of testosterone decreases…..!

How to identify the low amount of testosterone?

  • The very first identification is by the low sex drive, libido or colloquially is also known as sex drive, sex drive is defined as the desired sexual activity by humans, and it is influenced by biological psychological and social factors, testosterone plays an important role in libido of man, some of the humans feel decline in sex drive and experiences drastic drop in sex.
  • The second one is to feel difficulty in erection of sperm, the amount of testosterone also makes the testis difficulty to eject sperm. This is what we call as masturbation.
  • Low amount of semen during ejaculation is also one of the important symptoms of low testosterone. A metered fluid comes out with the sperm. The low testosterone makes the low ejaculation of semen
  • Loss of testosterone also increase the hair loss in human beings.
  • Low amount of testosterone will results in the increase in the Pathak decrease in energy level, suffer more sleep in a day and etc.
  • Arduino testosterone plays important role in the muzzle. So the low amount of testosterone makes the decrease in the muscle mass but it does not affect the strength or function of the muscle.
  • The low amount of testosterone increases the body fat men and sometimes they suffer gynecomastia. It is the condition in which development of breasts occurs in the mail body. This is due to the imbalance between testosterone and estrogen.

Did you know?

Osteoporosis is the condition of thickening of bone mass.

  • The above condition is applicable for women’s only. But however men also suffer this, and the bone volume will decrease and there will be more possibilities of bone fracture.

Harmful effects of low testosterone

  • Head trauma:- There may be a problem at the level of the hypothalamus and pituitary to produce appropriate amount of LH and FSH hormone to stimulate testosterone production.
  • Testosterone making organs NOT function properly or are not able to respond stimulation by brain.
  • Changes in SHBG can affect the amount of testosterone that is available to exit its effects.
  • Udacity is one of the important causes for low testosterone.
  • Can effect mental, physics and emotional health.