How to determine if you are a candidate for the dental implant?

How to Determine if You are a Candidate for the Dental Implant?

Determination of the decision for getting an implant dentistry is based on the proper and thorough examination of the teeth. If the broken or missing tooth fulfills the requirements for the implantation of the titanium post, then the dental implant is planned. You can consult any implant dentistry Las Vegas to know whether or not you are a suitable candidate for it.

If you wish to know the factors on which the dental implants is base, then you are going to find the following questions useful for the sake of knowledge as well.

What factors make you a good implant candidate?

These are the factors that mark the favorable decision for the dental implant.

  • If you have a fully grown or fully developed jawbone
  • A good overall health so you can sustain surgery
  • Proper dental health of the jawbone so your soft bone could support the titanium post
  • A good health of the gum tissues so they could heal up quickly after the surgery
  • You are willing to accept and obey all the orders given by the doctor for the healing process
  • You have got good hygiene and health habits to keep the implant healthy for years to come

Now that you know which candidates are best suitable for the dental implant surgery let’s have a look at those who are not favorable.

What characteristics determine you are not suitable for the dental implant?

There are certain health conditions and hygiene habits that omit any chances of diabetes or pose a threat to a healthy dental implant in the future. Here we have listed these factors briefly.

  • Patients who have diabetes
  • People who are addicted to smoking
  • Kids below the appropriate age, i.e. those who have not fully developed a jawbone
  • Those who are addicted to grinding and clenching tooth a lot
  • Pregnant women
  • People who do not have active immune system
  • Those having illness or damaged soft jawbone
  • People suffering from some chronic disease
  • People who are taking the treatment for cancer

If you are not a candidate for the dental implant, what to do?

Those who find themselves on the second list should not get worried or disappointed as there are some other options for them. Your dentist will get you ready for the procedure by giving you some treatments or medication in advance so that you go fine with the implant dentistry Las Vegas.

It is best to keep good hygiene and most importantly listen to your doctor for getting a suitable dental implant in future. Your overall health and all these factors are important as the implant would get troublesome without it and would keep you in the problem for the rest of life. There are several other dental solutions for those who are not good candidates for the dental implant, so do not lose your heart and get advice as soon as possible. The dentures and bridges that are removable and could be cleaned time to time are the better solutions for you in this case.