Contemporary Style Interior Décor Tips from a Design Professional

If you prefer your home to look contemporary and trendy, it is not really necessary to limit yourself to a minimalist and cold interior décor style. The focus nowadays for contemporary interiors is on creating a comfortable and welcoming ambiance by adopting a design that is subtly sophisticated with simple and clean lines with the help of colors and textures to create elegant spaces. Some practical tips:

Use Color to Underline the Modern Looks

Contemporary interiors favor the use of starker colors like black and white as well as neutrals to create a stylish look. While black can be used as a defining color to lend a contemporary look, the walls can be dressed up in neutral colors that will be just perfect as a backdrop for accessories that can be then very boldly colored. If a pastel color scheme is adopted for the walls and windows then the trims should preferably be neutral, however, if the walls are brightly colored, you can use neutrals in all other places to create a dramatic look.

Making Line and Space Work

The use of lines is perhaps one of the most distinctive elements of contemporary interior décor; you can see it virtually everywhere, in high ceilings, in blocks of bright colors, windows that are stark, as well as geometric shapes in sculpture and wall art. With the use of lines, it is possible to make even empty spaces as important as the ones that contain things. The guiding principle of contemporary design is that less is more so that each and every element becomes unique.

Use Simple Furniture to Make Bold Statements

Ideally, the furniture design should be simple without any extra ornamentation resulting in geometric shapes that are clean and smooth. The best colors, even for bedrooms, are black, white, and other neutral colors. The bedding, ideally placed on a modern low-profile bed with a silk and snow mattress, too can follow the same color schemes but you can use a wide variety of materials in different textures to create additional appeal. Even in the use of bed linen, you need to have a restrained approach in the selection of colors; it is best to add colors through the use of accessories like pillows and comforters. All furniture should ideally have clean exposed legs without any skirting, fringes or tassels cluttering up the presentation.


The modern look of your home is best accentuated with floors that are bare; wooden and tiles surfaces without any cluttered patterns work the best. If using carpets for warmth or sound insulation is a must then opt for the plain ones that you usually see in offices and use rugs to add contrasting color and texture. You can create a spectacular lighting effect with the use of recessed and track lighting to wash walls with light and also use spot lamps to highlight wall art that you should frame with metal, matte or high-gloss finishes. Stick to a single piece or in case of multiple, cluster them.