Back Pain and Your Workplace

It’s time for employers to tackle the back pain problem to boost their productivity

Did you know that back pain is the second-most common neurological ailment in the United States and that billions of dollars of lost earnings annually and lower productivity are the result?

It’s such a large problem that back pain is a measurable factor regarding American GDP.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of workers must ask their employers for ‘sick days’ because of their back pain and while they are off work they must seek out treatment from physicians and chiropractors – and some workers have chronic back pain which causes them to take many more than one ‘sick day’ per year.

The Economic Cost

Many millions of ‘person days’ of work are lost in the United States every year due to back pain and discomfort, which not only impacts the economy, but also corporations, and the people who must take those days away from work often aren’t paid for the days they are away from their work.

Not only that, but some people may have to pay out-of-pocket expenses that are related to their back pain and treatment. Some Hospital Emergency Departments (ER) require a per visit fee of up to $50. Many prescription pain medications or herbal remedies aren’t covered by the patient’s healthcare plan. Also, deep heating rubs (which merely ‘mask’ the pain, but nevertheless can bring temporary relief) typically aren’t covered by healthcare plans. And, in the U.S., some clinics require the patient to pay for a Doctor to see them.

Back pain, it must be emphasized, costs America multi-billions per year and lowers productivity in every corporation. If you are after back relief, why not visit your local chiropractic clinic to see how they may help you.

Companies Are Offering Chiropractic Care

Some U.S companies have begun to realize this and offer subsidized chiropractic treatments to their staff, in hopes that proactive treatment of back problems will lower the overall absentee rate among their employees.

Google and Apple Do It

Although it seems an extreme step, it is more cost-effective for companies like Google and Apple to offer free or highly subsidized (depending upon their position and length of employment) chiropractic and related treatment for all their employees – yet, the overall costs borne by those companies are higher in the absence of those chiropractic programmes.

Chiropractic Lowers Company Costs

Proactive chiro treatments lower costs for companies, as sick days are dramatically reduced and workers tend to receive their chiropractic treatments on the weekend or during other non-work hours.

And certainly, as anyone who has ever tried to work through their back pain at work knows, a worker’s personal productivity is much higher when their back isn’t acting up on them.

Instead of just hoping that the problem goes away by itself, wise corporate boards research ways to allow their employees to perform at peak efficiency and thereby, increase their corporate productivity scores – which positively affects the bottom line.

Many such plans allow for 12 chiropractic treatments per year at no or low cost to workers, with additional treatments being borne by the patient. This alone solves the vast majority of sick days due to back pain in most companies.

Proactive Treatment

So, it seems that proactive treatment, although costly for companies to offer, saves them money in the long run, allows for fewer sick days, increases productivity and helps ensure higher annual profits.

If your company has such a plan, none of this is news to you. But if not, why not ask your employer about the ways in which a proactive healthcare programme can help make the company more efficient and increase overall productivity.

It’s a ‘Win-Win-Win’ for the economy, corporations and employees.