Anejaculation: Ejaculation failure as a cause of Infertility

Introduction to Anejaculation

Sometimes ejaculation failure can be the cause of infertility. A man cannot ejaculate even during sexual activity even on having a high libido and sexual urge. This is often very distressing for the couple trying to conceive. Every infertility hospital in India explains that anejaculation does not mean there is a functional defect or a structural defect in the male reproductive system. The man has sexual urge and libido; gets aroused; gets an erection, and he reaches orgasm, but no ejaculate from the erect penis. This is very common problems and there can be a host of different reasons for this. It can definitely be a cause of infertility because extremely low or no sperms are expelled out during orgasms.
What causes anejaculation?

The causes of anejaculation can be figured out from its type.

Situational anejaculation – in this condition, the man can ejaculate only occasionally in certain situations. This kind of anejaculation is often related to psychological states, and inability to cope with stress. Low confidence and anxiety often affect the ejaculation.

Total anejaculation – In this condition, the man is not able to ejaculate semen during sex or masturbation irrespective of the situation he is in. This the complete ejaculation failure despite good libido and orgasms. It is classified into two types. They are anorgasmic ejaculation and Orgasmic Anejaculation. Anorgasmic ejaculation is caused by psychological inhibitions because of anxiety, stress or low self-esteem. Orgasmic ejaculation is caused because of structural or functional problems in the male reproductive system. They can be blockages in the sperm-carrying tube or damage to nerves or retrograde ejaculation.

Treatment options for anejaculation:

Treatment for anejaculation depends on its type and its causes. Situational anejaculation can be prevented by giving psychotherapy and psychosexual counseling. It can also be treated with drugs such as ephedrine and imipramine. Most of the times psychological causes are the only causes, this problem can be solved with counseling and lifestyle changes and getting over performance anxiety.

Anorgasmic anejaculation is a bit difficult to treat but treatment is possible. Vibrator therapy and electroejaculation are the two therapies used to treat it. Certain drugs can cause anorgasmia and ejaculation failure. They include antidepressants and medicines like Flomax. Stopping the medicines or administering better alternatives is the key to get over the problem.

Vibrator therapy is the best treatment options because it has success rates of about 60% for neurological causes. A vibrator stimulates the shaft and the glans of the erect penis and that stimulates an orgasm with the ejaculation. If this treatment fails them the specialists go for electro-ejaculation in which the nerves of the inner genital area are stimulated with electric pulses. The electric stimulation causes orgasmic ejaculation. In case of damaged nerves, vibratory stimulation and electro-ejaculation have an 80% success rate. Medication can help in some rare cases.

In Summary

Ejaculation failure is a common problem. If you are dealing with it no need to worry. Many therapies are there to solve the problem and help you get normal orgasms. Some men will benefit with counseling and psychotherapy who specifically have situational anejaculation. For those that do not work, vibrator therapy and electro ejaculator therapy can be a good option. Finally, if nothing else works sperm can be retrieved directly from the testicles or epididymis and the pregnancy can be achieved with the help of ICSI procedure.