Top5 Mini Android Games That You Don’t Know


Noozy for Android is a stylish and comfortable music player. Noozy is a new player with rich functionality and great sound. With this player you can watch videos, listen to music and podcasts, as well as online broadcasting of various radio stations. Sound in Noozy can be improved with brand-name add-ins and utilities, as well as with the help of an equalizer. The player has a large set of widgets that will quickly switch and rewind your audio recordings. The Noozy for Android player is perfect for lovers of quality music.

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The Tribes

The Tribes for Android- an excellent chance to become the leader of a prehistoric tribe. By mistake of your friend-scientist you are in the distant past. Your task at the moment is to win the trust of the ancient people and become their leader until the scientist corrects his mistake and brings you back to the future. You have great knowledge and skills and must teach the ancient people basic things – breeding fire, building residential buildings, mining resources, and so on. According to the game process, the game resembles tamagotchi, that is, you can give a job to your detainees, close the game, and after a while will return to the management of the workers. During the game you have to collect crystals – they are very difficult to get, so keep them for the purchase of something very important for your settlement. The Tribes for Android – become the leader of the ancient natives.

Star Captain

StarCaptain for Android is an interesting arcade time-killer. Help Captain Gluff get home on his ship, which ends the fuel. You must collect the stars, getting energy from them and moving from one star to the other to the captain’s house. At first glance, the game may be simple, but it’s not. Physics in the game is designed so that the ship moves from the momentum received from the star, and this ship is not so easy to spolotirovat. In StarCaptain, good graphics and colorful levels with quality sound. Experience yourself in space adventures with the Star Captain.

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The End

TheEndApp for Android – become an eyewitness to the End of the World. Run away from Armageddon and survive for 28 hellish days, performing different missions. Run from danger, jump over the debris that fell on the road and the broken cars. Along the way, you must collect scotch scattered along the road, which is sure to come in handy for you to purchase various improvements, accelerators, new clothes, equipment and heroes. In TheEndApp for Android, an exciting story, quality graphics and pretty simple gameplay.

Jelly Flop

Jellyflop! for Android – a fascinating arcade puzzle. Help the little jellyfish to realize her secret dream – to learn to loot. You must collect the feathers that the birds dropped, flying past our mid-daze. Stretch jelly trampolines so that the jellyfish ricochet off from it and collect stars and a feather. You need to transfer it through barriers, various dangerous obstacles, fly through portals to reach the goal. In Jellyflop! for Android of my levels of varying complexity, colorful graphics and fun music.