Download Best Free Racing Games For Android Mobiles

Racing games undoubtedly rank amongst the most popular genres not only in mobile gaming but gaming in general. With a seemingly endless amount of games available on the Google Play Store, zeroing down on the best racing games can prove to be quite an ordeal. If you like to play games, we have narrowed down on some of the top android free games for you to choose from.

  • CSR Racing 2

With cutting-edge graphics, CSR Racing 2 sets a new standard in racing visuals in online games. Essentially a clean-cut drag racing game, CSR Racing 2 is a premium game which means that some features need to be unlocked by paying real money. From buying and upgrading top-end cars to the racing against people in real time, there’s plenty to do in CSR 2 which will keep you engaged for days at a stretch.

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne

Another classic from the studios of gaming behemoth, Gameloft, Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most popular racing games right now. Made especially for fans of arcade racing, Airborne gets rid of the simulator realism and puts you in the driver’s seat for some exciting, high-octane racing. The graphics are simply outstanding and the exotic cars you get to drive are spectacular. There’s a career mode where you can choose to race solo against AI opponents or you could opt for the multiplayer mode where you’re pitted against online opponents. All in all, there’s tons of replay value which makes Asphalt an adrenaline trip you won’t be able to shake off.

  • Real Racing 3

If you’re looking for a real racing sim, look no further than Real Racing 3. Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), Real Racing 3 boasts of mind-blowing graphics & amazing physics all while racing down realistic tracks with natural lighting, shadows, and reflection. With over 12 tracks, several racing modes and 100 fabulous cars to choose from — Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Ferrari, this game sets the benchmark when it comes to the best online games. You can race against the AI and once you’re skilled enough, you can compete against fellow human opponents in online multiplayer.

  • Beach Buggy Blitz

Developed by Vector unit, Beach Buggy Blitz is a fun, easy-going racing game very similar to games like Mario Kart & Crash Team Racing. The game involves you maneuvering your buggy through fun, exotic locations while trying to hit checkpoints within the stipulated time limits. Additionally, you can also collect various coins and power-ups on the way to obliterate your opponents or defend against them. There are several customization options as well while the graphics are pretty smooth and colorful.

  • Hill Climb Racing 2

Featuring charming graphics and a simple premise, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a relatively new game while being tremendously addictive. You will have to overcome several unique hill climbing environments while trying to race against opponents. You also stand to gain bonuses if you perform daring tricks. Players can even customize their trucks with new parts as they progress through the game. This is another one of those premium games that will keep you, your friends, or the kids busy for hours.

Final Thoughts

The racing genre is replete with thousands of apps and games covering a variety of sub genres — from arcade racing to professional F1 racing. Hence, it can prove to be difficult if you’re seeking to find good quality free games. However, we hope our list has helped you in your quest to find the best racing games out there.