Best 8 Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you start Photoshop for the first time, it’s natural to click approximately in confusion for a minute and then reach for a graphic designer phone number instead. Trust us; you’re not only in this.

It’s an amazingly powerful design software including a lot going on, including a wealth of instruments that can seem strange at times. But Photoshop is not just for the specialists.

With a small help, you can quickly train yourself how to use it to design beautiful, compelling graphics.


Here are some of our favorite simple tips and tricks for Photoshop beginner.

Exposure Correction & Color Enhancement

This indicates to brighten up or darken the image to regular-looking levels to strike up the colors.

Color Correction Enhancement

The opening is accomplished with the Text tool. Go to the Image menu and click on Adjustment. The show should be one of the choices there. Click on it. A window including the Exposition slider instructions pop up. Play with it continuously the image looks right.


Make sure this every single move you do, you do it on a separate layer. This is a good habit. It encourages you to make sure you do not make some adverse changes and allows you to examine the effects of various things on your photos and. Also, if when you are finished, you are not happy among any of your retouches, you can make a trade-off between different versions of your image by altering the darkness of your layers, or by reducing portions of some of them and forming a composite.

Learn Shortcuts

I suggested before you could push C to enter the Crop tool. This is one of the many ways Photoshop offers. Shortcuts are necessary to streamline the workflow of expert photographers. This increase of power is one of the key distinctions between beginners and pros. Some of the most generally used shortcuts are:

  • W (Selection tool)
  • S (Stamp and cloning tool)
  • B (Paintbrush tool)
  • E (Eraser tool)
  • V (Move tool)
  • Cmd+j or Ctrl+j (To copy your currently chosen layer)


You will learn several more shortcuts as you get familiar with the Photoshop and processes of the programs and which things you use more frequently.

Edit Text Layers Together

If you have some text boxes on your screen you want to edit as a unit; you can do so by choosing all of them from the layer board and then apply the toolbar to obtain your changes.

Filters in Photoshop

Photography snobs often malign filters. However, used judiciously, the best Photoshop filter can make you surprising results.


Various of the effects that filters use to your pictures can be accomplished manually by using different Photoshop tools. Still, this would be a waste of times when a filter can take you to the same spot with only one click.

Educate with the Internet

The Net is packed with people who need to support you. Getting advice from forums and other photographer’s blogs are straightforward. Some websites even offer free sessions for the newcomer.


This fundamental to most professional efforts nowadays. But particularly those that rely on technology. Join forums and photography groups. Study about the latest trends from sites. Make sure you do not fall back.