8 Best free windows applications for the new PC

Are you in front of the new purchased PC? Are you going to use windows operations system? If yes you will need to install some applications in order that the computer to be ready for work. We are going to show 10 useful programs you’re your new pc must have.

The order as no any significance and is random. Every application has the alternatives but we are going to select only one for each main categories.


1. Security: Panda Free Antivirus

The first application that the computer need is a security applications. Has many discussions about selecting the best antivirus but we are going to recommend Panda Free Antivirus. Panda is a cloud-based and setup is quick and easy. More easy is scheduling scans or exceptions with Panda.

Disable the ads on settings – General Tab – uncheck show panda news. You have finished with installing and configuration of Antivirus app.

The other free alternatives to protect your computer are 360 Total Security or an app like Avira Free Antivirus.

2. PC Cleaning / Management: CCleaner

Windows storing “junk” files that slow down and take up space of the computer over the time. To carry about those files we recommend CCleaner. The app clean unneeded files like temporary files and internet history. In this way allowing system to run faster and to free up some space on your HD.

Ccleaner is very easy and fast application that not need so much effort to do the job. Just open and go to Cleaner tab, Check off the items you’d like to clean and run CCleaner to start deleting files.

3. Internet Browser: Google Chrome

And we are on the Internet browser part. Without discussion we will go with Google Chrome to be super-faster on browsing online. The stats showing that most people using Chrome and this is to be taken into consideration. Chrome has unique features like Synchronize Bookmarks across Browsers or Check Memory Used by Different Browsers. You can perform silent installation of Google Chrome on Get IT Solutions.

You have other options to select like Firefox, Opera or internet explorer but you will not be as happy.Google Chrome

4. Office Suite: LibreOffice

To help your daily works you will need tools to create or edit documents or presentations. In this field has not many choice for free application. We recommend LibreOffice that is totally free and good alternative of Microsoft Office.

LibreOffice include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access etc. After you will use this free tool you will notice that there are not many differences compared with Microsoft Office.

If you are not going to change the Microsoft Office go and try the office 365 deals that are coming with good offer.

5. Media Player: VLC

In the age of the internet the videos are viewing on YouTube through web browser. But it’s good to have a good free application in your computer in case you need to play media locally. And to select this app need to have some good quality or attribute. For example to play most of the format of videos and audios.

For this reason we present VLC Media Player as most powerful video player. Play nearly every format and avoid downloading video codecs.

6. File Compression and Extraction: 7Zip

Windows system includes support for some zipped files. Compression app are important for working with different archived files.

We are presenting 7zip like our best choice for compression and extraction. With improved interface, 7zip includes 2 good features:

  1. Compress to a normal Zip format.
  2. Encrypt the compressed file.

Other alternatives of 7zip are WinZip or Peazip.

7. Image Editor: GIMP

Every new computer need an image editor program to be able to edit some images or photos. You can think to use basic app like Microsoft Paint or a paid version like Photoshop. We are recommend to use an advanced free app for editing photos like GIMP.

GIMP is am image manipulation program that is free and open-source. Supporting most of the file formats like JPEG, TIFF etc.  The app comes with features like customizable interface, photo enhancement, digital retouching etc.

Other options for image editor app are Paint.NET


8. Cloud Storage: Dropbox

And the last app that the new PC need is cloud storage. Storing files on cloud has turned into immediate need nowadays. You need to access important files in every place you are or in every device you use. In this case we recommend Dropbox as one of the good app in the market. Has 2 GB of free space and with the options to increase it by referring or by performing other small tasks.

You can use a free strategy that increase your free space on cloud. Using some storing space applications in the same time in the case to increase the free space. For example using Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox in the same time.

These are 8 applications that every new computer should have. Moreover they are free to use.