Types of Call Centers in India

Types of Call Centers in India

With so many ideas coming up every day and innovation included in technology every fortnight, the business industry has been in an ultra-active mode for a few time now. More businesses mean more expansion, more growth, and more diversification. This means more requirement of outsourced business operations. Hence, more call centers.

Call Center industry is being expected to reach the mark of whopping 407 billion dollars by the year 2022. This is definitely a big number. Currently, the top 5 nations in this industry are:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Poland

Out of them, India is one country, which is being talked about a lot when it comes to outsourcing business operations. Some of the business owners consider India as one of the best destinations for outsourcing the services, while others may not agree with this. Do you have any opinion on the same?

Don’t worry. India is actually business owner’s favorite destination when it comes to outsourcing and there are valid reasons for that. The first aspect which makes India an outsourcing paradise is that this nation has one of the largest numbers in terms of educated people. Yes, they have the second largest population, still possessing a workforce of around 430 million people who are fluent in English is not a joke.

Secondly, India has a time-zone, which is exactly 12 hours ahead of the US time zones. This 12-hour gap enables the US and Europe based business setups to offer around-the-clock service to the customers. Also, the business-centric government of India has offered its support to the outsourcing sector. Extending this, the government of India has benefited business owners by providing duty-free exports of capital goods and also lifted the tax on the export of ITES.  

Apart from this, the low labor cost that businesses have to pay for is also one of the main reasons why India is becoming the outsourcing giant of the world. Let us now discuss the different kinds of call centers available in India:

Types of Call Centers in India

Typically speaking, the call centers here are segmented into four major kinds:

  • Inbound call center: Here the agents receive the call from the customers and solve their issues accordingly.
  • Outbound call center: The calling agents outstretch their reach by calling the customers and prospects educating them about the latest promotional offers and other information.
  • Web-enabled: These services are availed by business to ease their some other branch of business. Examples of these services are data entry, web-chat, email support, quality analysis, research, and survey.
  • Non-voice process: These are the processes that do not include any calling between the customer and business. Instead, the services offered in this segment include chat & email support, back office support, data entry, SMS support and the allied.

Inbound call center

These are the branches of the call center which are known to offer the assistance to the customers via a telephone call. Agents in these reputed call centers in India are highly experienced and superiorly skilled in handling customers’ grievance, issues, and complaints in a streamlined manner. Different sort of inbound call centers services available in India are an around-the-clock help desk, tech-support, answering service, IVR, job dispatch service, product information, emergency & direct response, and so on.

Outbound call center

In this sort of call center, professionals reach to customers by a phone call and try to up-sell, cross-sell, provide information, offer promotional discounts and educate the latter. Business owners have been investing a lot in outbound call centers nowadays so as to run various campaigns. Different outbound services availed by the companies in India are database entry, direct-mail-follow-up, lead generation, credit verification, telemarketing, customer satisfaction and product promotion.


It may happen that you were thinking of other destinations for your outsourcing requirements. But, considering India for your outsourcing demand may become the correct decision of your business life. India has a lot to offer for business owners like you who are looking for a peaceful yet lucrative place to outsource their business operations. With a humongous amount of people speaking English and affordable costs, India is providing the just enough reasons for so many call centers to exist in one place. Currently, only Philippines is in the race with India when it comes to the leaders in the BPO sector. So, next time or even this time, if you require outsourcing your business operation, you know where to look for exactly.