How to Run a Bouncy Castle Work with business

If you wish to make some extra money for your family you should consider starting a Jumping Castle Hire business. That way, you can stay working at your permenant job and run your employ the service of business by working in your free time and at the trips

We recommend that you incorporate the company as a limited company. This allows the creation of an independent legal identity for your business. This is of great significance in the event of a legal claim for Inflatable for birthdays  being made by somebody who says that they were hurt using your fort. Fortunately, those situations are incredibly rare however you should protect yourself legally just in case.

This is an excellent business part time and the rewards can be high. We might not recommend renting out them as a full time business in Ireland because turnover is damaged by the weather. Obviously if within a country where the climate is more comfortable could be a full time business

You get to delight children that help parties run easily when you run a type of enterprise. The look of joy and expectation on children’s encounters when the “Bouncing Fort Man” comes is invaluable.

I recall a five-year-old child some day asking me personally if I had children. When I told him that I had four he said with a very serious face that they must be the luckiest kids on the globe because they could use a jumping citadel if he or she wanted.

The economic rewards and cash circulation can be excellent but meeting kids like this makes it an mentally rich experience.

We would advise that you would only hire out moving castles for proper use by children rather than adults. Right now there is much greater with regard to children’s castles and you will expect trouble if your bouncy castle employ the service of business rents out castles for use by adults.

We would recommend that you should start your business with three castles. Get a huge castle with a slide (16ft x 16 ft) and two without a slide (14ft times 12ft). Charge EUR120 for the castle with the slide and EUR100 for the ordinary castles.

Provide a 10% reduction for off peak hires (Mon to Thursday). The portable with the slide will appeal to older kids and parents who have larger gardens. The normal castles are more suited to use by smaller kids and parents who have smaller gardens.

Children have birthdays each day of the year and jumping castles appeal to kids from the age of 2 to 13. In the summer and autumn, their parents can hire a jump house for the back garden. In the winter and spring, parents can hire a community hall or church lounge to hold the get together and accommodate the fortress.
In our experience the renting season is from April to October. Kids prefer using moonwalks outdoors in their gardens somewhat than indoors.

Your customer will generally be a woman in her 30s or early forties. That they book the company, set up the parties and look following your entertainment for the kids.

If you are established your company will get business due to word of mouth and repeat business. Every small business advertising but especially a fresh business. What options would we recommend?

An option you might do is to take out a paid advertisement in your neighborhood Yellow Pages/Golden Pages Directory, under the category, “Bounce Houses and Inflatables”. You will have to pay an even more significant cost if you need to have an encased or big ad, which will make you stand above the crowd. We found that a boxed advertising does get you more business but you have to consider whether the extra cost is recouped in extra revenue.

A lot better option for you would be that you should get the free listing in the Golden Pages where they just put in your business name and number and create your own website to publicise your hire business.

The website you create for your inflatable hire business is merely restricted by your imagination. Do not be under an illusion that this will be a fairly easy option. You will only succeed if you put in enough time developing your website. Taking this option is much better value than passively paying for a boxed ad in your local Golden Internet pages.

The website will give you many opportunities to presell your jump house hire business to possible customers in your unique physical area. You could get visitors primarily to your new jumping castle work with business website by using pay per click ways of advertising. This provides cheap warm leads and if done well can be very effective. When site visitors your website increases you may add another income stream by inserting AdSense advertising on your site. This kind of money will significantly lower the hosting costs of your website.