This Is How You Could Meet Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson’s ChangeMakersRuleBreakers Island Experience

Stunning Atlantic Ocean vistas. Sir Richard Branson and some of the world’s best thought leaders. World class workshops for invitees. Unparalleled hospitality and an invitation-only guest list. That is what’s happening on gorgeous Necker Island these days. It sounds so ‘Branson-esque’.

An Event for Thought Leaders and Change Makers

Expect to meet people at the pinnacle of industry and NGO’s with experiences to share and global challenges to solve and the best part of all, invitees are part of that ongoing conversation.

The combined energy of dozens of the world’s best; Captains of industry, NGO leaders, new technology guest speakers, new business model creators and innovators in every segment of the economy will inspire you and work with you to create a network for you to draw from, going forward.

Access to this groundbreaking event is available via application and the cost is substantial, however it is open to all.

From the ChangeMakersRuleBreakers website:

“Founded from the idea that great minds and great experiences can together ignite ideas and changes with social, environmental and economic impact. Much more than just a network, this is a family – and as a family, we connect, we develop and we give.”

If you like to network in the same circles as some of the most influential change makers, this event is for you. The common thread among attendees is a belief in the power of an open heart and open hand. After all, if you want to change the world, the change has to start from within.

Change is the One Constant

Throughout the cosmos, the one constant is change. Those who embrace change and not just change for change’s sake, but a continuous successful adaptation to an everchanging environment is what separates ultimate success vs. ultimate failure. At least, lowered performance and expectations.

Visionaries, thought leaders, and excellence in management will be everything in the 21st century as the world begins to turn, inexorably, towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform billions of menial and repetitive tasks per day.

Those blessed with creativity will become as highly valued as Michelangelo, Albert Einstein or Henry Ford are today because those people single-handedly changed our world, and the way we perceive our place in the world.

Positive, transformative thinking that can lead to profound change – coupled with the ability to use ‘Win-Win’ thinking to out-succeed the dated ‘Win-Lose’ paradigm will carry humanity past the present precarious moment.

One recent attendee, Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) recently attended the island. She was following her dream to promote natural healthcare solutions to common problems. Dr. Jabbour is quoted as saying:

“My goal is to transform people’s lives so they can improve their health and live a better life. Going to Necker Island and mixing with like-minded people such as Sir Richard Branson gives me the inspiration to take my work to the next level,” said Dr. Jabbour.

Meeting, listening to, and associating with other thought leaders and gaining the value of their hard-won insight at ChangeMakersRuleMakers can make all the difference to you and your organization, leaving you with a new network from which to draw strength as your company advances past competitors and future changes in the global economy.

At this pivotal moment in our civilizational history, using existential reasoning to solve our existing problems but also to create a better future civilizational model is what will allow humans to become all that we can and should be. And that’s what is going on at Necker Island, these days!