Gift your Employees a Medical Insurance Plan this Diwali

As the Diwali is approaching on 19th Oct 2017, Thursday, there is a sense of excitement everywhere specially in offices. The excitement is not only because of the holidays that are coming, but also everyone know about this time of gathering and enjoy the festival of light for 4-5 days. In corporate world, several companies today give a lot of importance to annual gifting. Though some companies gift the annual bonuses at the financial year-end, most companies still use the festival of Diwali to buy gifts for their employees. Getting the best gift is a difficult task with most employees being financial independent and enjoying life’s luxuries. But, whatever designation a person is at. they all look forward to a gift from an employer. This time as an employer, let your employees know how much you appreciate their efforts by gifting them a medical insurance. Buy group medical insurance and gift them freedom from expenses in case of medical emergencies.

You do not have to be an IT company to offer medical insurance to your employees. SMEs, retailers, smaller business houses, all should offer their employee health insurance policy. There may be an inclination to offer medical insurance to only high achievers or the senior staff, but remember, all your employees deserve protection from diseases and other medical emergencies.

Don’t forget the young aspirants

Young people have lots of dreams, and they are always looking for ways to prove their mettle to the management. Identify those young aspirants and reward them through a medical insurance. They may not value it much for themselves, but if the insurance cover parents, it would make for a perfect gift for them on Diwali. In the future, they will not only remain as solid performers for your organization but can also be cultivated as future leaders. This is a good way to let them know that dedicated hard work eventually gets appreciated by the management.

It can be the right award for all

There are so many ways to reward employees for their dedicated work and the commitment they show towards the company. As an employer, you are up with the task to make a festive occasion like Diwali special and memorable. Most individuals consider education and medical bills to be the most expensive of them all. The employee health insurance policy provides the assurance they need. When they are rewarded with a medical coverage, employees are bound to bounce back with even better performance and it becomes an extremely strong motivating factor unlike conventional gifts of glassware, blankets, sweets, etc.

Build loyalty and enthusiasm

The advantage of going for group Mediclaim insurance is it helps save a lot of money and are beneficial for an entire team or multiple teams at once. Most importantly, people who receive it are glad their unexpected and expensive medical bills are now covered in the most reliable way possible. Such assurance motivates young aspirants to perform even better to earn rewards. By gifting your employees a medical insurance plan this Diwali, you can let them enjoy a safe and an emotionally secured festival of lights. After all, as long as those who work are happy and productive, they will help the brand grow and achieve its vision!

There are so many advantages gifting a health insurance to employees, and when you reward people, it will benefit the company on the long run. Don’t just buy any health insurance, put thought into it, and take the help of aggregator websites to compare different policies.