Importance of Social Media Marketing in Modern World

Marketing is a key factor for a business to flourish. The success of your business is directly proportional to the number of people you reach. The digitalized world needed digital marketing. Social Media Marketing is a result of this mega need. It refers to an idea where products or services are marketed using social media. High speed and readily available INTERNET is the basic structure of this entire system.


In this modern era, you need to sell yourself on the WEB rather than on the open market. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites demand the companies reach their potential customers through this medium. The chances of attracting people increase many times as you are reminding people about your existence, all the time. Hence, SMM is a lethal weapon that is a must in today’s world.

 Statistical Evidence of Popularity of SMM

  1. The total amount spent on social network ads is 2015 was $23.95 billion and it is expected to reach $35.98 billion by the end of this year. (
  2. Facebook has over 2 billion users and more than 100 million people use Facebook accounts through their cellphones. ( This stat shows the speed at which you can attract people towards your brands.
  3. There are 95% chances that online adults follow any brand via social media. ( It shows the scope of the market you can explore this way.
  4. 71% of the people who have good experience with a brand do share it with people on the social media. ( You can form a chain of continuous publicity without spending a single penny if you are good at what you do.
  5. More than 50 million small businesses are being done through Facebook pages. ( SMM is most suitable for small companies because it is a cheap way of advertising and can attract maximum customers.


Nike and Lay’s

Not only that small companies are using SMM, many huge International giants are also involved in this field. The most prominent examples include Nike and Lays. Both these companies launched their social media campaigns in 2012. Nike introduced #MakeItCount in which a couple of YouTubers visited 16 cities across 13 nations. This video went viral and #MakeItCount was a big hit. The profit of Nike increased by 18% that year.

Similarly, Lay’s provided its fans with a competition in which they were to make their own flavor. The winner was to get $1 million. Top three were selected for public voting. Lay’s made 12% more sales in that year.Once you realize the importance of social media marketing, you need to know the popular forums that are being used for this purpose.

Some Popular Forums used for SMM

  • Facebook

Being the most popular social networking site, it provides you a huge pool of public to target. You can get diversity in terms of regions, fields and monetary status. Hence, you can advertise your brand irrespective of its nature. A lot of companies use Facebook pages for the promotion of their products or services. Many multi-national companies, as well as small-scale business owners, are promoting themselves efficiently through Facebook.

  • Twitter

As Twitter is the forum used by many celebrities around the globe, this forum is of immense importance. Those celebrities can bring in the huge following if you could satisfy them with your brand.

  • YouTube

As mentioned already that Nike used YouTube video for promotional purposes, the significance is pretty evident. Videos do have more impact than any other form of media. Other than companies, many talented individuals use this forum and earn a handful amount of money through that.

  • Instagram

It is arguably the most loved application. Companies or individuals can reach out to the audience through a captivating environment using Instagram. It changes the momentum and molds the attention of the public in masses. A well-planned campaign on Instagram can change the complexion of the market within weeks or even days.

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