How Professional Services Companies Are Using the Best Social Media Campaigns to Attract New Clients: 3 Case Studies

Social media is the new television, at least according to statistics. The audience’s attention now moves to social media. Big and small businesses have already realized social media’s effectiveness in communicating with their audience, to the point that even the professional services providers are getting social these days. Regardless of what industry they’re in, they’re present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. They use consumers’ data such as location and time of access to provide timely suggestions related to their products or services. This process of getting visible in their prospects’ everyday life through their social media campaigns helped their businesses to gain brand recognition and eventually increase in sales.


That’s what happened to some of the top players in the professional services industry. It’s not a surprise that by running the best social media campaigns, they’ve engaged their tribes so well. They prepared them to get into action in relation to their services when the need arises. It’s definitely a great strategy for sharing your company’s message not only to current customers but also to a wide array of prospects around the globe. This huge opportunity allows any small professional service provider to succeed and even compete with the established brands. Through social media, the people get to decide.


If you want to attract new clients in this internet age, mastering the how-to’s of the best social media campaigns is a must. You have to learn how to reach out to people using social media. You need to speak their language, join their conversations and, show them authentic care through smart listening and advice. But the best way to build effective social media plans, is to follow the steps of those who’ve done it.


Here are 3 case studies of professional services companies who won it big in social media. Keep an eye on their social activities and the conversations they initiated.


Case Study #1: Using Social Media for Medical Practice as a Plastic Surgeon


Marketing a medical practice can be a big challenge considering the limitations of confidentiality issues, the off-topic of cosmetic surgery, high competition, and recession at that time. Lisa Reath the marketing manager of her doctor-husband, experienced success in her social campaign efforts by simply being authentic in helping others and not sale-sy. She set a goal of establishing a relationship with patients.


Lisa and Dr. Reath created a quiz game about plastic surgery, which they called “Truth-O-Meter.” Every week, they posted a question in their Facebook page, in which about 30 to 60 people including prospect patients participated. They gave away gift cards, skin care products and contributions to charity for the breast cancer awareness month.


Through this campaign, they were able to create a growing collection of youtube videos. Dr. Reath continuously blogs on in-demand topics about plastic surgery. They also authored an interactive e-book that shares free information about a specific plastic surgery issue that’s not typically found online. All these dramatically increased  traffic to their medical practice site. They gained new customers for their skincare products and new patients for their medical practice.

Case Study #2: Using Social Media in Architecture/Engineering/Construction Professional Services Industry


Industrial companies may pose some difficulty when it comes to marketing their services online. But with uniqueness, creativity and sincere intention of being helpful, even a message from an A/E/C industry can touch people’s hearts.


For example, Adolfson & Peterson, a company of social media construction company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, became an expert in using great visuals and adding their brand to it. A&P was very active in Twitter and received as much as 313% engagement just because of their well-thought photos. They also took advantage of the popular hashtag, #Thoughtoftheday, on their branded photos that have motivational quotes. Obviously, this series of ‘sincere gestures’ in Twitter and Facebook made their audience respond so well.  

Case Study #3: Using Social Media As A Lawyer


It’s amazing how the law firm of Atty. Jacob Sapochnick social media law firm, an immigration lawyer from San Diego, California, has largely grown using only social media marketing. He receives 4-6 leads daily without any cost.


When he was starting out without social media knowledge, he was motivated by his need to reach out to his audience. He used blogging to share what he knows about his practice. And later amplified his efforts by creating Youtube videos. He also worked on creating traffic to his blog site through blog commenting. Just these online marketing tactics alone produced good results, enabling him to capture leads.


He then expanded his use of social media sites through the content he regularly posts at Facebook. He had an epiphany that by relating so well with his audience and giving them helpful tips, his content was being shared organically in a big way. This translated into a big number of potential new clients for him. Having these results, he prioritized marketing his Facebook business page. He ran contests to engage his fans. He now has over 118,000 Facebook fans! This is the source of the 4-6 daily leads he receives.

Getting social through social media sites, even as professional services providers, leverages your brand both online and offline. Whether you’re in accounting, finance, engineering, legal, plumbing, car repair services, etc., social media can bring your name from being unknown to popular. It can bring your following from zero to thousands. It can change the way you do your business drastically as your client base increases.


Don’t waste your valuable time any further doing other ineffective marketing strategies. It’s expected that your competition is already winging it in some social networks. But you don’t have to stay unheard-of to your audience. Get social with your online community and let your brand be recognized. Create the best social media campaigns that resonate with their needs. Run campaigns that make them aware you’re there to help.


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