Changing Face of Digital Marketing

What are the perks of being a 90’s kid? Like many others, I witnessed the growth of a field named Augmented Reality(AR). Jurassic Park, Godzilla and Terminator are the products of experimentation with augmented reality. A number of developments have taken place in this area and brands have eagerly incorporated this technology into their marketing strategy. This will be in the list of trending digital marketing services of 2018. What else can be there in the list? Take a look below:

Penetration of Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions are aiding customers to navigate easily in the digital world. Analytics is the best way to know about the changing needs of the customers. Companies that have taken up ‘machine learning’ have seen a remarkable growth in their revenues.

Speed is pivotal

Speedy communication is favored by the clients. Presently, they want it to be instant. What was once a desire, has now become a necessity.

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have come up in the chart of leading channels. Businesses that will communicate and deliver the fastest will have an edge over others.

Relevant Content

The world already has a lot of content. It is just in need of relevant content. Digital Marketing agencies in the market suggest that all organizations should have a robust content marketing strategy.

It is time to concentrate on the desires and problems of the consumers. One can address it best with the help of content.  Produce something that customers will be able to relate to and comprehend easily. Google has penalized the content farms repeatedly, Panda and Fred updates testify the fact.

Presently customers are equipped with information. They research a lot before buying anything and make informed decisions. The big players in the market are aware of this, hence we can see that the entrepreneurs have turned into thought leaders. They are influencers who are delving into the thoughts of people.  The future will see more specialization and more figures on the web taking deep dives into their subjects.

More thoughtful promotions and advertising

Generation Z is not at all satisfied with Interrupt Marketing, such as pop-up ads, large banner ads, and other messages that hinder web browsing and social media feed.

In 2018, more businesses will be focusing on how to increase brand awareness and promote products without being pushy. Content Marketing will be the ideal technique to opt for in the present situation. Businesses are trying to concentrate on customer experience and capturing their feedbacks diligently. They are taking their suggestions to improve the UX.

Customer Experience Supervision

Technology and customer trends are evolving, in the process, few things have remained constant. One in the list is, the customers feel special when their ideas and inputs are taken in well by the brands.

Remember that customers are important and their suggestions are valuable. You should try to address their demands properly. Try to understand how your customers are feeling after using your products or services. Try to employ as many methods you can to learn about the desires of your customers.  Get started to learn more about how digital marketing can help you reach more of the right customers, now and in the future.

You can see that over one-quarter (30%) of businesses have already planned their transformation program and many businesses are looking forward to launching their digital transformation program immediately. A significant proportion of organizations have no intention to implement a program, perhaps because they feel it is inappropriate for their type of business, for example, startups and smaller businesses or businesses who are solely into online activities.