How to Protect Your Car Tyres in This Season?

When we say “This Season”, people get quite inquisitive that what’s going to happen now. But honestly in every season, car tires need to be treated a bit different regardless of which car tyre brands. Drive, quality and price may differ depending upon the brand your buy but still all the tyres are meant for no more than rolling on the roads. Being the only part of your car in direct contact with the road, it’s essential to keep track of their condition. Since tires are really expensive, keeping your tires maintained will help you avoid buying or changing tires more often. So how do you protect tires in this season particularly? Let’s dig in;

Regular Tire Inspection

It’s important to regularly inspect the tires especially for the signs of cracks, wears or lumps etc. When it comes to the tire pressure level, you should keep it to the manufacturer’s recommendation. As we all know that the summer heat is so immense, it can surely cause the tyres lose their air pressure. Let’s keep it easy and identify problem before they turn up a migraine for you somewhere in the midway. Moreover, some people go wrong when they keep the tire pressure lower in the rainy season. It’s because they think that they will be able to maintain good grip on the road.

Well this might make sense for many but truly this practice is not really good. If you lower down the air pressure of your car tyre in the rainy season, it will actually increase the chances of puncture and may even damage the sidewall your car tyre.

Keep them Tidy

It’s really essential to consider the weather condition of you country. For sure, if your car tyres get an excessive exposure to the heat, they will dry out and even would face an accelerated wear. Conversely, car tyres get muddy and dirty very often in the monsoon season. Although, this may be somewhat unavoidable but you must ensure that you don’t forget to clean your car tyres.

Also coat your car tyres with tyre wax as it will prevent anything from sticking over it. Since you want to avoid the heat damage of your car tyres in summers and keep them new and shiny through the rainy season, this is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Weight Reduction

Mostly, people overload their cars in the rainy season especially the ones heading to vacations. In that case, you need to be quite selection so that you could easily cut off the extra weight by simply off-loading things that you don’t really need. In the rainy season, heavier cars face more braking distance. This will produce more friction on the hot surface and result into tyre wear.

Depending on which car tyre brands you use for your vehicle, the driving experience might vary but still the long braking distance will have negative impact upon the tire’s health. So just make sure you don’t add extra and unnecessary weight into your car especially in the rainy season.


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