How to Make Your Car Battery Run Longer

The battery is one of the most important things that help to keep your car mobile. Without a proper battery, different parts of the car are sure to show signs of malfunctioning. So, it is extremely important to keep the battery of your car in good shape. But that’s not an easy step. You need to follow a lot of steps to ensure that the car battery lasts long enough. Otherwise, the battery is sure to die down in quick time. And that won’t help your car’s cause at all.

Here’s a quick look at some of the tips you can follow to ensure that your car battery lasts really long.

Check the Car Battery on a Regular Basis

Have you checked your car battery of late?

Make it a habit to have a look at the battery on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might not be able to find even a visible problem that your car battery might be having.

Do you know that corrosion is one of the basic problems that most of the car batteries usually have?

If your car battery is also having corrosion, it will be evident from the build ups around the terminals. There are DIY methods for doing away with the corrosion. And once you can remove the corrosion, you can use a dry cloth to clean the residue from around the terminals.

Keeping the battery corrosion free can help you increase its life time. And for that, you must conduct a regular inspection of your car and its parts.

Do Not Run Car Electricals with the Car Battery

Do you use the electrical devices in the car even when the car isn’t even on ignition?

This can reduce the lifespan of your car battery.

The car battery suffers a voltage drop when the car is stopped. However, when you start the car, the alternator of the vehicle generates electricity, which is used to charge the battery. This electricity can provide a sudden gust of power, which can help in the process of ignition. However, the battery of the car isn’t suitable for running electronic devices attached to the car.

So, if you’re running the electronic devices with the car batteries, it is sure to decrease the lifetime of the car battery significantly.

Get Car Chargers

Did you know that your car battery gets exhausted even when the car is not running?

That’s because the battery is used to charge various car accessories, such as the radio, the headlights, the brake lights, and so on.

But finding your car battery exhausted even when you’re not using the car is, at times, a bit frustrating.

How can you solve this issue?

You can go for car chargers. You can get two types of chargers for this purpose:

  • Regular
  • Solar

These chargers are going to provide enough electricity for the car accessories. So, they won’t be drawing charges from the battery, thus keeping it from getting exhausted for a long time. Besides, these car chargers ensure that your car battery gets fully charged on a regular basis, thus making them last really long.

Check the Car Alternator

The performance of your car battery is also dependent on the alternator of your car.

So, even after doing everything right to ensure that the battery lasts long and performs well, you might find that it is dying down fast. If that happens, you must have a look at the alternator and check if it is functioning properly. A faulty alternator can be the reason for your car battery to die down or get exhausted to early. Hence, you should also mend your car alternator to increase the life of your car battery.


The battery is one of the most important parts of your car. And if you want your car to run properly, it’s important that you keep your battery in the best of conditions. If it is kept properly, the battery is sure to run longer, thus giving your car a batter performance. However, if you need to get expert advices on your battery and you are located in Coventry, you can always check with any auto electrician Coventry to ensure that you know the steps to ensure that your battery lasts for a long time.